A catastrophe of biblical proportions…


In Israel…

“The full scope of the incident is still not clear to us, but it is certainly a matter of millions of liters of crude oil, which is dangerous both to animals and to the nature reserve itself,” Environment Ministry representative Guy Samet was quoted as saying in Globes, as Israeli financial news daily.

Samet has said that an estimated 4.3 mile-oil stream is flowing through the reserve, which is home to a large gazelle population and the world’s northernmost doum palms, a rare type of branching palm tree.

The planet is being thoroughly destroyed through the world’s use of oil and gas for energy. At this rate, whole ecosystems will not last beyond the end of this century.

Plus, this incident reveals another obvious reason why Israel is so keen to attack Iran:

The 153-mile pipeline which links Asheklon, a southern port city, to the Mediterranean coast, was opened in the 1960s to facilitate transport of Iranian oil to Europe, but has primarily been used to move oil within Israel since the deterioration of Israeli-Iranian relations after the 1979 Iranian Revolution.

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