I See Dumb People

10632569_10205065006205984_7306528425572299210_nMost of the movies that have made the greatest impact on our hearts and our minds have done so because some way, somehow, they mimic our reality. Our sixth sense tells us so.

Indeed, we live in a matrix, where money is nothing but a mechanism by which human beings attempt to divvy up the resources of our planet amongst each other, by creating a system of ‘credits’ and ‘debits’ and assigning each respectively based on a made up system (‘market’) that ‘decides’ the value that each and every element (including us) brings to the table and ‘counts’ that value in ‘dollars.’

Its a giant board game – where the board is our planet and each and every ‘dollar’ represents, not an absolute value but a fraction of the whole planet (and its inhabitants). The more dollars, the smaller the fraction each dollar represents. 

Of course, those who designed this game want us to believe that the game is “fair” and that the market is “free” and that values are set by a “hidden hand” that is beyond anyone’s control. But nothing can be further from the truth. The game is rigged and “the rules” are set by “rulers” who control all the fractions (dollars) – and therefore win every time.

So, when the people, through their government, set a “minimum wage” at $15 (and consider it a victory) without even once considering setting a maximum wage (let alone income), what they are really doing is setting themselves up to be eaten alive by the ever increasing concentration of fractions, billions, upon billions of them piling up, sky high, to devour everything on this planet until not a fraction is left for you and I.

So, wakeup, people. It’s not a joke. The stakes are very high. Don’t be dumb.

We can keep divvying up the planet, piece by piece, stripping it until it’s bare. Or we can stop this crazy war of numbers and keep it intact, for all of us to share what can be shared, consume only what we can replace, and “own” only what we must.

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