Online Pedophiles – Psychiatry’s New Cash Cow

child.siJust when you thought things couldn’t get worse – they bomb innocent civilians in dirt poor countries, shoot unarmed men point blank in the head and choke them to death without flinching let alone indicting, and let thousands of people live in the streets while rows of houses remain unoccupied – then you find out your government sanctions pedophiles:

Child sex offenders, whose crime relates to viewing indecent material of children online, are known as “non-contact abusers,” Bailey told The Guardian. Those who directly abuse children are described as contact abusers, he explained.

British police have a database of 50,000 individuals who view indecent pictures of children regularly, he said. But he argued that research indicates not all of those concerned are a direct threat to youngsters.

Formally, police forces operate under the assumption that those who possess indecent images of children pose a risk of “committing contact sexual offenses” against such youngsters, Bailey said.

But under the new strategy, police would employ a more multi-disciplinary route in dealing with so-called “non-contact abusers” – working alongside NHS staff to ensure the offenders receive mental health treatment rather than prison sentences.

Let me get this straight: police actively and regularly monitor 50,000 people who watch indecent materials online but cannot manage to shutdown the sources of these atrocities? Sounds to me like the government is sanctioning pedophilia, if not engaging in it outright. At best, the government is merely controlling and monitoring pedophilia – most likely to get dirt on politicians which it can then use to control them – certainly not combatting it.

And what about the news source? They can’t ask that simple question? ‘Why not shut them down?’ They’re probably, somehow, someway, in on it too.

But why? Cui bono?

Amid dwindling resources, whether the NHS’ mental health division has the capacity to adequately treat child sex offenders is a matter of debate [sic].

Earlier this year, following the release of shocking new figures that revealed the destructive impact recent government cuts have had on the the sector, the president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists warned the state’s mental health services are “running dangerously close to collapse”.

* * *

It’s unclear whether the proposed reforms are driven by a cost-cutting agenda.

In October, a survey conducted by the Police Federation of England and Wales revealed that a clear majority of UK police detectives believe victims of crime in Britain receive a sub-standard service in the wake of severe police budget cuts.

At present, estimates suggest over 100 million indecent images of children are published online. This figure has risen dramatically from 7,000 in 1990.

Wow. 100 million! That’s a lot of pedophilia!!!

Sounds like a good way to justify increasing the budget to the mental health division of the NHS, while doing nothing to support the families of the victims of pedophilia.

Looks like a racket to me – a good (read nasty) way to make a lot of money.

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