Death threats threaten free speech on Facebook

It’s hard to speak out, not least of all because I was always very shy as a kid. But more importantly, everyone just wants to live. Even those who are bent on destroying the world, love their lives. No one wants to be killed, especially not if avoiding a death sentence means just keeping your mouth shut – a very simple thing.

And so I’ve been told, early this morning that I must do just that or expect to be “beheaded” and “buried in a mass grave” with the rest of my kin. He left no room for “negotiation” and told me I would not be warned again (of course, not as nicely as I’ve phrased it here for you, my friends).

960153_1508529866093951_814244947902233020_n 10445982_1508510539429217_4088506422755244821_n

He calls himself Trevor Whitechapel and told me that I would be “visited” by Christopher Hayden, the self-crowned “King of England,” who would “light me on fire.” He posted these images of a man, who I’ve never seen before (and hope I never see again). Though, I have no way of knowing if he’s really associated with these names or this person, who presents himself as Trevor.

If you know Trevor Whitechapel, Christopher Hayden or the man in these two pics, please let me know.

Naturally, I have contacted local state and federal authorities to make them aware of these threats leveled against me.

Interestingly, the Supreme Court is now deliberating over whether death threats on social media constitutes “free speech.”

Of course, I don’t think so. But it certainly threatens it.


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