Crimes Against Hegemony

The UN might as well add Crimes Against Hegemony to the list of universal crimes since it is the only one recognized and punished by the world’s leading rogue judge, jury and executioner. US punishes who and when they will, but never its own torturers.


The US Congress passed a bill this week to punish officials involved in the February-to-May clashes, which resulted in 43 deaths, including victims on both sides of the divide.

White House aides said Barack Obama – who had been hesitant to take action during the height of the unrest – was now ready to sign the bill into law.

“We have not and will not remain silent in the face of Venezuelan government actions that violate human rights and fundamental freedoms and deviate from well-established democratic norms,” Josh Earnest, the White House press secretary, told a news conference on Thursday.

The bill will deny visas and freeze the US assets of current and former Venezuelan officials who ordered “significant acts of violence or serious human rights abuses against persons associated with the anti-government protests”.

It never ceases to amaze me how our government can manage to speak so vociferously from both sides of its mouth. But it isn’t that astonishing coming straight from the halls of a rogue government, on the one hand water boarding prisoners, without regret and on the other freezing the assets of their counterparts abroad, to punish them for deaths that occur in the civil chaos that the US itself foments. Even then, the US does not act consistently. For example, nothing was done to officials responsible for the deaths of hundreds in Egypt, just a few months ago.

Everyone but the most deaf and dumb knows that this bill has nothing to do with human rights.

Mark Weisbrot, director of the Washington-based Center for Economic and Policy Research, said the sanctions would simply serve as an annoyance that further weakens US credibility among its American neighbours.

“Of course it has absolutely nothing to do with human rights, as everyone knows,” he said, predicting the move will be denounced by regional organisations.

But of course, the Guardian admits this only in the last line of its article, which most people rarely get to.

Americans might as well face it, the US is a rogue government represented by rogue media, both captured in the arms of an undeclared world government, run by bankers, for bankers and against all the world’s populations.

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