You Own You

You own you, and nothing else.

Human beings don’t need ownership over others to excel.

They need access to resources, love, and – not retractable IOUs, but promises that actually mean something.



  1. All of your commentary is essential and vital in awakening the American People to the ‘reality’ of truth that the Jewish Media attempts to suppress – that 911 was an ‘Act of War’ against America by Israel – and ‘American’ Jews complicit in the crime – and those in the mass media that censors commentary – are engaged in treason.
    Therefore, a State of War exists between Israeli Jews and the United States.
    Until there is freedom of expression in the Mass Media – the USA will remain under the authority of the Jewish regime.
    Alwyn Scott Turner


    • I agree that there is a concerted effort to keep people distracted. But I disagree that it can be attributed to any one religion or race or ethnicity.

      There are those who wish to dominate over others and will use every means of deception to achieve that, but they can and do hail from everywhere. Their common attributes are selfishness, arrogance, and unbridled greed.


  2. It is hard to believe that you could be so disinformed about the fact that 911 and the subsequent phony ‘Patriot Act’ were acts of treason – and that Israel planned out the attack on the United States.
    The ‘Talmud’ is not a religion – it is a criminal protocol by an international Jewish conspiracy.
    Guilty of mass genocide. You should read the ‘Talmud’ to be better informed of crimes against humanity.
    If you look around….you will find that all the public ‘police brutality’ is the product of Israel training the “law enforcement industry’ in America to treat citizens like the Jews treat the Palestinians.
    You need to do some serious research if you aspire to gain credibility with Americans who are informed and outraged at collaborators in the alternative media complicit with treason – either by ignorance or design.


    • I am well aware of potential Israeli involvement in 9/11 and am also aware that they are involved in training US police forces around the country and this is part of the reason behind the recent uptick in police brutality. But to characterize the distinctly zionist influence on US policies as Jewish is a dangerous practice as it runs the risk of maligning millions of ordinary Jews that have nothing to do with this racist and highly belligerent ideology.



    Where are the ‘millions of ordinary Jews’ that have nothing to do with the racist and belligerent genocidal protocols of criminal Jews that practice the criminal protocols of the Jewish Talmud?
    Blaming all the vast genocidal crimes against humanity on ‘Zionists’ – is a feeble and fraudulent attempt to hide the real malignant Jewish attitude concealed behind the Jewish state of denial.
    The ‘Jewish Conspiracy’ fundamental to Talmudic Jews existed long before the ‘Zionist’ Jewish State of Israel was illegally created.

    Where are these ‘millions of ordinary Jews’ speaking out against Jewish atrocities against the Americans and Palestinians under occupation by the Jewish Regime that enforces a global brutal militarized police. The fact is – millions of ‘ordinary Jews’ are in self-denial and their deafening silence is a betrayal of trust against the American People.

    In terms of ‘potential involvement’ – there is overwhelming evidence that Israel planned and executed the 9/11 attack on the USA with the collaboration of American Jews and Jewish owned organizations.
    A ‘State of War’ Exists between Israel and the United States of America.

    Trying to cast doubt by specious argument in the Jewish controlled media – in order to distract from obvious Jewish complicity in the ongoing conspiracy an act of treason.
    That means ‘millions of ordinary Jews’ and their Jewish controlled institutions – are enemy combatants.

    In order to prevent the global disaster that the majority of Jews have caused – ‘ordinary Jews’ must take the initiative, and without deceit – expose the treasonous network of Jews that conspire against the United States, and use American resources to commit Jewish crimes against all of humanity.


    • “Where are the ‘millions of ordinary Jews’ that have nothing to do with the racist and belligerent genocidal protocols of criminal Jews that practice the criminal protocols of the Jewish Talmud?”

      They’re all around us. Just like you and I and the majority of Americans don’t have a voice. Neither do they. Don’t mistake voiceless for silence.


    The Jews own and control all the major media – the list is endless – and to say that Jews are voiceless in the United States – can only be attributed to a deluded mind self-imposed with blindness to the truth. Saying that Jews are ‘voiceless’ is not an honest reply, and ridiculously absurd – clearly, a deliberate falsification of facts – in order to avoid the real issue that millions of ‘ordinary’ Jews support the genocidal policies of the Talmud and Jewish Israel.

    News reports from Israel today revealed that ‘ordinary Jews’ in the United States are contributing millions of dollars to Israeli candidates that support the genocidal policies of Israel. And everyone with any sense, including the majority of the American People – know that 9/11 was a Jewish false flag attack on the United States – and the ‘Jewish Media’ engages in a ‘denial of access’ against anyone that exposes ‘The Jewish Conspiracy’ that has overthrown the US Government and installed a puppet Jewish Regime of traitors loyal to Israel.

    It is the Jewish control of the ‘news media’ used as a weapon of mass destruction against mankind. To say that Jews are ‘voiceless’ as an excuse for the profound silence of Jews – while that quietly watch American being destroyed from within by their fellow Jews – is not because they are ‘voiceless’. Jews in America are silent because the war criminals that control the Jewish leadership are guilty of genocide – and silent Jews are complicit to treason.

    The American People have awakened to the fact that the parasitic Jewish as a culture is an enemy of the United States, and ‘ordinary Jews’ own the news media, suppress and deny access, and censor citizen commentary that exposes the war crimes of the Jewish attack on the USA on 9/11.
    A ‘State of War’ exists between Israel and America – and Jews in America that assist Israel are traitors and enemy combatants – including those that remain silent.

    The solution to the ‘Jewish problem’ is not found in avoiding the truth – skewing truth is the greatest failing of the Jewish culture – the Talmudic criminal society dwells on deceit, and conducts ruthless wars ‘By Way of Deception’ – against the rest of mankind. The most serious condemnation of Judaism – is the mind set of ‘ordinary Jews’ (controlled by Israeli ‘rabbis’ under the control of the Mossad) based on cruelty and war crimes against other humans…the loss by Jews of their common sense of humanity – jeopardizes all life on this planet.

    If you want to save ‘ordinary Jews’ from the retribution and penalties inflicted on them by the actions of their ruthless Zionist and Talmudic masters – then I would encourage all ordinary Jews, including you…to come forth and expose the entire historical truth of the Jewish conspiracy – and by doing so, divorce yourself from Jews ‘silent’ of patriotism to America, as their fellow Jews destroy the fabric of freedom and democracy – violate and destroy the meaning of the US Constitution.

    The American People are in rebellion against the Jewish assault and corruption of their national culture, and patriots are on the rise to regain freedom from the Jewish Regime that now occupies and acts to destroy this nation. Americans restore sanity to the leadership of this good nation by demanding a ‘free press’ and ‘free elections’.
    As Americans rise to defend their country – now is the time for ‘ordinary Jews’ to come to the aid of their fellow Americans.

    It is time that Jews in America demonstrate courage and their loyalty to America.
    Courage is not the absence of fear…courage is overcoming fear. (JFK)


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