How the CIA uses subliminal perceptions to control patsies

gym-turkey-leg-260-44635Americans are being manipulated on a mass scale like never before. The mishandling of the Mike Brown and Eric Garner cases, and the refusal or at least delay on the part of the federal government in addressing these injustices, followed by the execution style murder of two police officers in NYC is a classic case of mass psychological manipulation, stoking fear, hatred and racial divide to further an agenda that ends with our own demise.

Individual behavior without awareness of the stimulus, of which subliminal perception is a subtype, has been a subject of study in psychological laboratories for at least 70 years, and a great deal of technical data has been collected on the subject. Recently it has been associated with some theories of depth analysis and popularized for possible commercial exploitation by the advertising world.

Where was this published? CIA online archives, made public in 1995. So, the CIA and advertisers have long ago teamed up against Americans, to study us, experiment on us, and exploit us to meet their own objectives. It requires no stretch of the imagination to assume that every aspect of our media experience, including Hollywood, tv sitcoms and all major news outlets and social networks have similarly armed themselves with the same techniques and have in fact teamed up to meet their common goal – to manipulate and exploit the American public.

Although this particular article (from ten years ago) concludes that results from using subliminal perception techniques are unreliable therefore have limited application, it’s crystal clear that the CIA has used it before with dramatic although limited success (MKUltra) and there is no reason to believe that they don’t continue to do so today, with much better results.

In persuading a person to do something he normally or rationally would resist doing an intelligence operative can make use of any one of these categories of psychological processes. Usually the purpose is to produce behavior of which the individual is unaware. The use of subliminal perception, on the other hand, is a device to keep him unaware of the source of his stimulation. The desire here is not to keep him unaware of what he is doing, but rather to keep him unaware of why he is doing it, by masking the external cue or message with subliminal presentation and so stimulating an unrecognized motive.

When you consider the explosion of social networking and online interactive entertainment (e.g. Netflix), and the dearth of information that has been and continues to be extracted from those activities over the past ten years, the potential for exponential growth in the field of psychological manipulation of the masses becomes inescapable.

Coupled with the astronomical growth of computer processing capacities and nanotechnologies, we are faced with the very real possibility that our government and the corporations who have captured control over its apparatus, enjoy almost unfathomable power and control over the masses.

Now more than ever it is crucial for Americans to remain on high alert and assume ever more vigilant and critical postures in assessing every motive behind every media stimulus they’re confronted with. Memes and all. Americans are being pushed towards a new civil war, between races, and between the public and its police force, who by now we all know is not here to protect us.


  1. This is an interesting look at how “distance” from the stimulus, and “layers” of distance through various media, and suggestion, …make “messages” possible. The CIA reading of this literature clearly shows up UNVARNISHED and direct, in fb’s utterly transparent participation in this identical scheme, when experimenting with “waves of fear” and “waves of anxiety” by sending FALSIFIED “likes”, “unfriendings”, “blocks”, troll comments, and general management of posts, …among 700,000 Americans. Well, even that is a lie: how do you “measure” the number of people that you toyed with as “only” 700,000 when the medium is OPEN-ENDED and leads by 6 degrees of separation (famously researched by mathematicians) …to every living human being on the planet ! This is a DIRECT extension of Hollywood state-propaganda through OWNERSHIP (direct contractual purchase of script properties) of all American film mythology. The relationship of the Chicago mafia moving to L.A., taking over Hollywood in the 1930’s , and controlling the career and ideological education of Ronald Reagan is concretely documented in Dark Victory, a book that does for American history what A Law Onto Itself, does for the history of American secret formation of the Third Reich and the inter-war period including who actually wrote the Treaty of Versailles.

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    • Excellent commentary, dear friend! So good to see you somewhere else besides Facebook!!! I do hope you will join me in my efforts to break loose from the blue and white mind control prison.


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