Evil is the Root of all Money


People must wonder, why I am so obsessed with money? Let’s face it, who isn’t? But while most people are obsessed with acquiring it, I’m obsessed with understanding and exposing it for what it really is …

Throughout the ages, people have said that money is the root of all evil. But I’ve discovered that while that is true in a sense, ultimately, it’s the other way around. Evil is the root of all money. So yes, money is behind all the world’s problems, but at the heart of that wicked instrument of destruction is the real root of all evil – deception.

It’s easy to blame all the worlds problems on Zionists or Islamists, Russians or Americans, Conservatives or Liberals – everyone has their reasons for contributing to the madness. But the truth is that money is humanity’s biggest problem because it is a symbol that represents both everything and nothing, all at once. The quintessential instrument of deception. The one ring that mesmerizes all.

It is every man’s dream and every man’s nightmare.

It’s what makes or breaks people and nations alike.

It is the fulcrum of both control and deception – the cradle of all chaos – the root of all evil, without which all diabolical designs and machinations would shrivel up and wither away.

But if money is the root of all evil, then selfishness, hatred and greed are the seeds from which it springs – the disease.

Even without money, we would still have all that evil. But on a much smaller and more manageable scale.

Money is simply the lever that amplifies, coordinates, and concentrates all this evil, into a power, global in scale.

The secret to freedom from tyranny all over the world is freedom from the reign of money, the great concentrator of hatred, greed, selfishness, and power.

Money is the one ring that rules us all.

To free humanity, we must toss it into the bottomless pits of hell and rely instead on love, brotherhood and cooperation in pursuit of happiness for all and the preservation of human dignity and our planet.

One ring to Rule



  1. I’ve been desiring some clarification from you on this, so I’m glad you got this up & running.

    It’s occurred to me, that yes, evil is indeed one of the unifying factor between evil & money, but it has also equally occurred to me that we do have some benevolence to our top money makers. Given that premise, what would you consider replacing it with? Would you replace the evil, through education? Or would you replace the exchange system? If so, what with? Relying on love, brother & sisterhood, & cooperation; given the notion that, in order to render something obsolete, something must be created to render it so. So now what?

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    • no, there are no benevolent “top money makers.” its an oxymoron. You can’t be a top money maker, i.e., exploiting everyone else, and be benevolent at the same time. It’s a contradiction in terms.


  2. But it’s “the LOVE of money is the root of all evil.”

    So what do we get if we turn that around? Evil is the root of all love of money? Love of evil is the root of all money?


  3. The idea of replacing money with something else is a little off-balance. Perhaps the idea of trading is also off-balance. We need to think differently, about ourselves, about our work and about others. Currently we think we would not work unless we were being paid, but we all have an expression to give to this world as part of our purpose, our birth signature. We would do this work whether we were paid or not because it is an expression we must fulfill. But we cannot when we are constantly running around in anxiety thinking of the constant existential threat that money puts us under. What if we were to think of ourselves in a different way – in a way where the jobs that the robots or computers couldn’t do, we would agree to do ourselves, reducing the work week to perhaps half a day? Who wouldn’t “trade” that in for what we have now! We could get rid of probably 50% of the jobs that exist today because they are all about shuffling money and keeping this hodge podge of a system working (how it does is a miracle in itself, a miracle of contorted thinking) Working half a day per week would free us up to do whatever it was we loved doing. We wouldn’t have to do that every single day either, because even if you love the work you do, not many want to do it day-in, day-out. And think of the quality of everything we used under this system – when everything is made with love, the quality of life not just the internal life but the external life would rise immensely. I hope people will learn that there is a better way to live than this eking out a living with our brothers and sisters living in abject poverty while some live engorged in wealth.

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    • This is a really interesting subject, all tough there is one major flaw in the theory of removing the money system entirely, which is to think that would makes us free of materialism and egoism. Money isn’t the root of evil at all, not even close, the root of all evil is our obsession for grandeur, power and ego, money is merely tool to achieve it and blaming it is just an excuse lie to ourselves. Even without money, people could still be obsessed for more, more lands, more sex, more anything you can accumulate even if it just a collection of memories like sex.

      If you ask me what would be the solution to deliver us from all the evil in the world i would say, there is none, evil will always be a part of humanity just as good is because in all logic, not being able to perform an evil act would = not being able to perform a good act because it would cease to all together. Good cannot exist without its counterpart. But, what would really help us to improve as a good society is a better understanding of life in general which could be easily attained with better ethical education and a complete rework of the law system because the one in place reward evil deeds made in a legal frame.

      That said, this is only my belief and not actual facts and i’m just your average citizen with a high level of empathy.


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