2015 – Time to Take Charge

Deep space nebulae

It’s that arbitrary time of year again, when we’re encouraged to drink, be merry, take stock of our struggles and accomplishments over the past 12 months, and plot our strategies for the new year. I don’t drink, but I’ve had plenty of struggles over the last year. Not so many accomplishments that can be measured in dollars. But a few personal milestones that have made 2014 a turning point in my life. I finally learned how to let go, first, of people who have already let go of me, and next, of the need to understand why or get back at them. It was truly liberating and the most important step I took in my life.

Next, I learned a lot more about myself and others and the world around us. For that, I have my Facebook friends to thank. You’re really an incredible bunch. Each in your own way, outshines all the movie stars and celebrities they’ve thrown at us, ad nauseam, over the decades. It’s something I treasure, as you can see by my frequent posts and my inability to stay away from Facebook, even after my life was threatened.

Finally, I’ve concluded that Facebook is a colossal time sucking vortex, designed in a way to maximize profits for Facebook and keep us plastered to it for hours on end, even when doing what should be simple tasks, like taking stock of what we shared all year. It takes hours just to scroll through entries, looking for a favorite or important post.

This will change going forward. I will continue to post on Facebook for the time being. I will not join another social network (for now). I will make an effort to build on this new site and I invite you all to stop by and consider joining me. It’s not as interactive or as busy as Facebook (for now), but at least I know that someone is not exploiting my time – leveraging it to make money, which they do not share with those who deserve it, and will then use to further oppress us and all of humanity.

All we really are is energy – positive and negative. If we don’t channel it to better ourselves and the world, then we are wasting our lives.

2015 is time to take charge.


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