Why “Freedom” Isn’t ‘Free’

debt-slaveryEverybody, especially our [s]elected officials, talk about how freedom isn’t free.

The desired implication, of course, is that ‘we, the [working] people’ must sacrifice our lives to maintain it.

But, did you ever ask yourself why?

If people are ‘born free’, then why must we fight to remain free? More importantly, exactly WHO or WHAT are we supposed to be fighting?

Or better yet, why (if Americans are so free) do we work all our lives to attain ‘financial freedom’?

Is this the same freedom that we fight for with tanks and F16s? But, we all know that’s just propaganda. So, what’s the deal?

I smell a rat.

In this excerpt, an anonymous author demonstrates how the banking system and its bastard children FRACTIONAL RESERVE BANKING, CREDIT, and INTEREST, which are nothing but a euphemism for legalized, government facilitated private resource allocation, inflation, and extortion, has managed to enslave every American, leaving US with only the illusion of freedom.

Many people today do not understand the true nature of interest.

They have no idea that there are other possibilities besides slaving one’s life away for the moneylenders. . . .

All the ads that surround us are not going to help us to control our desires. On the contrary, their aim is to make us want many things that we cannot afford. If we do not make a conscious decision to control our spending, human nature will coax us along with the herd into spending more than we earn—which can only result in debt. This destroys our happiness and spending power, because we not only pay for it later, we pay for it with interest. Debt would not be so bad if you only had to pay back $10 for every $10 borrowed. But unless you borrow from generous family members, you will pay back $15, $20, or even $30 for every $10 borrowed.

Lastly, the plague of Debt Slavery can be blamed on the “system”—the credit card companies and the economy itself. The credit card companies are guilty because they send out 6 BILLION credit card offers a year to families nationwide (that is the actual number, not an exaggeration!). And when they get you to carry a balance, they only ask for a small monthly payment—which barely covers the interest on the loan, keeping their victims in debt for many years.

The economy is also to blame because there is not enough money in circulation to go around [I disagree – there is, but a few people hoard it and bid up asset prices with it]. But the credit card companies are not all-powerful—they are easily resisted. So the victims of their schemes must bear at least part of the blame. After all, I receive dozens of such offers every month, and I know what todo with them. I cast them with disgust into the trash where they belong. I react as if someone tried to chain me up and cart me off to prison (because that is what they DID try to do!)

To illustrate the evil of Debt Slavery, take a family that has a $9,000 balance (the current national average) on a credit card that has an 18 percent interest rate. Since they read How to avoid Debt Slavery, they decide to cut up the card and never use it again. Even if they pay the minimum payment of 2 percent of the balance each month, plus interest, it will take them 47 years (and close to $33,000) to pay off that $9,000 debt!

So every $3 gallon of milk cost them $12, every $50 pair of shoes cost them $190, etc. If I had to pay that much for goods and services, I’d be pretty low on cash!

Now imagine how much money they’d be giving away to the bankers if they owed $18,000, or even $25,000! They’d never be free, unless they started paying big chunks off the principal (by sending in extra payments). Now we will define Debt Slavery by what it is NOT—namely, freedom. 

* * *

Americans pride themselves on being free, but how free is a man who:

    • Does not own his house
    • Does not own his car
    • Owes thousands of dollars to various banks
    • Has to send his wife to work out of necessity, because his expenses are so high
    • Sends his children to public school, because he cannot afford private school
    • Restricts the number of children he has, because he feels he cannot afford more
    • Pays a huge portion of his earnings every month to his “masters”, the bankers

Those traits describe someone living in serfdom or slavery, not freedom. It describes someone living under a tyrant—who takes most of the peasant’s income, and just keeps them alive enough to keep working for him. The tyrant tells them how many children they can have, and forces even women and older children into public service projects. The land, the house they sleep in, and the animals they work the fields with do not belong to the peasants, but to the tyrant.


The tyrant today is not the government (although Income Tax is something surprisingly new in our nation’s history). The tyrant is the network of banks, which conspire to suck people dry at every turn, which causes such a drain that both parents have to work. This alone causes countless problems in the world today, because children were meant to be raised by their parents. They were not meant to be wards of the state.

On a side note, I am not a “good little consumer”. I contribute almost nothing to the banking system—neither paying interest, nor giving them money to lend out at exorbitant rates to other people. If I kept $5,000 in the bank, they could lend out $50,000 at 6 or 7% interest, while only paying me 3% interest on that $5,000. Talk about massive profits! Banks can lend out 10X their cash reserves, due to the structure of the Fractional Reserve banking system. Now you see why the banks want your business! Whether you’re a saver or a spender, they can make big money off of you.

I stick to reality—if something does not make sense (like every man, woman and child making 8% each year, every year, on the stock market) then I do not participate. Sure, money can be made on the stock market, but once in a while the whole thing crashes because it was puffed up like a marshmallow in the microwave—just begging to pop. The same with real estate. When money can be made without any effort on my part, I become VERY suspicious. How possible—or moral—can that possibly be? Who am I exploiting to make that money? I know for a fact that money cannot produce more money by just sitting there.

Damned straight it can’t. Money can’t walk, talk, or work, let alone ‘make money.’

Our fractional reserve monetary system is a blatant fraud on the American people and the world, compounded by interest which is nothing but legalized extortion.

Wakeup, America! International bankers and their usurious money system have done a massive bait and switch on the American people – taking away our real freedom and sending us to kill and die not to protect ‘our freedoms’ but to enslave others.

So, next time someone tells you freedom isn’t free, tell them it would be if our own government hadn’t sold us up the river to a handful of bankers, who in turn rent it back to us — at interest!


  1. Nothing wrong with interest on credit cards since no one is forced to use them people need self control and banks need to pay taxes on it not get it free and clear and no bailouts or bail ins. Interest is a problem only when charged for necessities for the poor just to eat fractional lending and fiat currency is wrong or unjust to


    • I disagree. Interest on money loaned is a euphemism for extortion. Period. It would not be possible without scarcity, which for the most part is now completely manufactured by state sanctioned monopoly.


      • I think people are confused about interest because it is abused so much, interest is allowed when someone is borrowing something you have which means you wont have use of that thing whatever it is and someone pays you rent for it. if I have a 100 dollars and you want to borrow it say for a investment or something I can charge you interest (rent) for it because you have my property and get to use it and I have no access to its use plus I take a risk you wont give it back. interest is basically rent. interest is only extortion if your forced to use credit to buy necessities of life like food clothing medical care stuff like that and you have no opt out options. it is only extortion if I give you the money by force and force you to pay interst on it. that is all, (which printing money up and borrowing by gov fits this we are forced to use gov services and forced to pay interest on it)interest is not some evil thing lurking behind every transaction. after all you want to get paid for services and goods you provide too right? you dont do anything for free do you? you dont work for someone for free do you? you give labor time and past sacrfices of learning the trade or skill or to make the goods sold etc, and they give you a pay check hopfully worth more than the costs of your working. a profit, as it were. without profit there is no advancement and no progress for anyone. but I agree that when people in high positions of power abuse thier ability to control the market for the sake of keeping prices high and costs for them low and they have the audacity for charging you interest or excess on necessities of life due to not just needing profit to stay in business but just sheer greed beyond what most would consider fair or just. then you enter the realm of injustice and oppression.


    • Any college student needing loans and having to pay them back at enormous interest rates as well as the threat of garnished wages is being given the shaft. The government tells us to get a REAL job you must conquer 40 years of debt. Then you may have success. All to pay my $250 check on bullshit I see on ads to get all the money going back up the chain. 21st century indentured serventhood.

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  2. Just try not paying your property taxes or auto insurance or that seat belt traffic ticket or worse questioning a cop or politician.How about building without a permit :^(

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  3. Some of the ideas here are a bit mixed up IMHO. Please take a look at Mathematically Perfected Economy(TM.)


    There are key phrases that set off my BS detector. One of them is “Fractional Reserve,” another is “fiat currency.” These phrases are usually uttered by folks that just don’t really understand what money is and how it should be created.

    Share everything may be going a little too far. I am looking for fair and equitable money that is useful in a real economy.


    • Honestly, I wrote this piece almost ten years ago at my blogspot and I simply added fractional reserve banking and credit when I republished it here because the problem with money is incomplete without including those aspects of the monetary system, as they too are an inflationary force on prices, but rather than by extortion, these impose their inflationary pressure via stealth and fraud.

      For sure, understanding money is not a simple task and I agree that everyone should be careful in examining everything that’s said about it. That said, I am familiar with Mathematically Perfected Economy as it was one of the first websites I came across when I first discovered the problem with our monetary system in 2005. It is an excellent resource.


  4. The Banksters create money out of nothingness then lend it to you at interest. Henry Ford said “that if people found out the truth about the Banking System there would be revolution by next morning” We can have an incredible life but the greed of man is there to destroy it. I know it is a touchy subject but Hitler used the system(no banksters) in the 30’s. How do you think he took a country that was in ruin and rebuilt it in 8 yrs. Also the WARPIGS have a hand our DEBT SLAVERY. The lied up Iraq/Afghan cost 6 TRILLION dollars. The fake/phoney WAR on TERROR is almost a trillion a year.

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  5. “The tyrant today is not the government”

    Not correct; the tyrant today IS indeed the government. The Federal Reserve exists only because it was brought into being by an act of Congress, and federal law enforcement agencies provide the muscle that allows the entire Federal Reserve/ fractional reserve construct to operate.

    I think you’re beginning to see what’s what, but you still have some studying to do.


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