Smile! You’re On Candid Drone


On the great windswept plains of South Dakota rises a tower in stark mockery of the flat environment around it. Once that tower, so tall and so sudden, relayed television to viewers in the Mount Rushmore state. Now defunct, it is 1,500 vertical feet of hazard for any aircraft in the area when unlit. Climber Kevin Schmidt went up the tower to change the lightbulbs, and videographers from Prairie Aerial captured the climb with a drone. In high definition.

My first question is, if the tv tower is now defunct, why is it still there?

My next question is, if they can get that kind of closeup of someone 1500 above ground then why are Americans still bombing weddings in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Yemen?

Watch the video at the source to see just how steady, precise and continuous the drone footage is.

The detail and precision is astonishing and it raises critical questions about surveillance on our planet for which we must demand answers in an age where extraordinary knowledge and processing power is quickly turning our world into a totalitarian empire of epic proportions.

Coupled with Facebook, cell phones, map quest, Ezpass, credit cards, ATMs, etc…there is almost no one, any where on earth that the powers that be can’t find and follow.

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