Move over ISIS, KKK is Back!


Just when you thought the world couldn’t get any crazier, the mainstream media brings another fringe extremist group back to life to make us writhe in fear at the coming race wars that they are fomenting.

The notorious hate group has been attempting to recruit new members – children, in particular – in recent months, and the Loyal White Knights faction has begun preparations for a long-awaited race war.

What a joke. Watch the video. Nothing but a group of disgruntled white folks in costume venting at the government.

“I enjoy days like today, because I like being around people, not disgusting people, not drug addicts,” said one hooded boy whose parents brought him and his brother to the Parkersburg rally – which drew about 40 people.

Wow. 40 whole people. Obviously, their strength is not in numbers. But that’s okay, an expert from the mainstream media will fix that.

Klan expert Brian Levin said the biggest threat comes from individual members trying to make a name for themselves, rather than an army affiliated with the hate group.

I call BS. Sounds like someone is trying to target poor white folk in America, getting them ready for some false flag event that will put them in the cross-hairs, along with Muslims of Arab descent.

I’m not saying there’s no racism in America. There certainly is, but the people we must fear are not the ones struggling to make ends meet just like us, but the criminals in boardrooms and congress, who conceal their racism behind politically correct BS.

Not all of these people at this rally even sounded racist.

“Black people, white people, we’re all getting tired of the government, and pretty soon you can see the government collapse,” Moore said. “And when the government keeps on sending their money over to Israel, and it finally collapses, you can see the Klan take it back and make this nation the way it needs to be.”

Maybe that’s what they’re really afraid of – the end of US AID to israel – for sure, a doomsday event.

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