Obama Proposes Community College, Free For All


Obama said the plan, which the White House estimates would cost the federal government about $60 billion over 10 years, would help the U.S. compete with other countries with a 21st century workforce. The White House says details on how the president proposes to pay for the plan will come next month.

“I want to make it free,” Obama said at a community college in Tennessee, where he described such schools as a “central pathway” to the middle class. “Community college should be free for those willing to work for it because, in America, a quality education should not be a privilege that is reserved for a few,” he said.

Wow. Not content with being the first president in 16 years to successfully pass healthcare reform that helped millions of Americans get insured, Obama intends to spend his last two years in office making high priced higher education history. Literally.

After all, how many Americans will mortgage their homes to send their kids to high priced university when community college is free? Hahaha! Oh, the irony! After decades of astronomical and unjustified increases in tuition, universities will have to pay people to attend!

That said, let’s look at this carefully. At first blush, it would appear to be a very good thing and if all things remain as draconian and centrally controlled as they are, then it may very well be the best course of action. But it would be infinitely better, if the monetary system were decentralized and every state was responsible for its own allocation of funds (that is issued Interest free).  That would not only resolve the question of fair access to higher education, but would resolve many of the problems posed by overly concentrated levels of capital, that make jobs for graduates few and far between.

But you better believe that either way, the powers that be will never let a measure like this see the light of day. Obama may not be everyone’s hero, but he’s certainly doing every thing he can (while keeping his brains in his head and off his wife’s lap) to level the playing field in America, if ever so slightly.

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