“American Sniper” dangerously racist propaganda


Dangerously racist propaganda appears to be working like a charm, the operative word being “appears to be.” Who knows who’s tweeting this shit? It could be an army of paid propagandists or autobots.

Remember, racism is a vital weapon used by governments to wage war.

Also, as a footnote, American sniper, apart from being a serial killer and psycho was also a liar.


  1. Racism is a bogus marxist word invented by Lev Bronstein to hurl at the Slavs for exposing the nightmarish atrocities commited by the jewish communists during the red terror sweeping across Eastern Europe.


  2. Another brainwashed racist jarhead psycho-killer now being punished in the darkest realms of Hell for his many homicides committed against an innocent people who did not attack America on 9-11 or threaten our “security” in any way. His wife may think that he was a good father, and he may have been, but so was Josef Stalin, who directed the murders of 55 million Russian Christians. Chris Kyle, however, was not a “great man,” and did not serve our country or protect it. It takes no bravery at all to be a sniper in a high protected little nest. He was just another ignorant servant of the cowardly Jewish neo-conservative warmongers (i.e., Commie Trotskyites) who now control our country and who were the actual architects of the Israeli attack on America which took place on September 11, 2001, a vicious attack which jumpstarted this whole Jewish “War against Islam.” If anyone in the military really wants to be a “great man” and defend our nation from terrorist scum, then they should launch an armed attack on the AIPAC building in Washington, D.C. and take into custody for High Treason every single traitor working inside that den of spies. If the American military want to actually protect our nation from its real enemies and punish the people who actually pulled off 9-11, they need to militarily put “boots on the ground,” take on the cowardly IDF (a task which should take all of 45 minutes), and wipe the little rogue terrorist nation of Israel “off the map,” permanently. Israel has openly declared itself the greatest enemy of Mankind and it needs to be militarily “taken out” for the good of all Humanity.


  3. larouchepac dot com —- can save you time. Also see: archive dot larouchepac dot com/1932 and: larouchepub dot com. Thermonuclear War ahead ????


  4. chris kyle was not a hero- a hero is not someone who invades another country illegally and murders their civilians. chris kyle was a war criminal. he shot unarmed women and children from a distance, likely in the back. a real hero sniper, simo hayha, shot 505 russians attempting to invade HIS country in one winter- that’s right, he shot real invaders and killed twice as many as chris kyle CLAIMS he did in 10 years. as to the veracity of chris kyle’s claims, i note that he was proven in court to have lied his ass off about fighting jesse ventura- it never happened. and from that we can determine that much of what chris kyle claimed also likely never happened. AND, chris kyle did not even write his own book- a ghost writer was jired. i cannot imagine how disgusting it would be if they actually let him try and write it…

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  5. Thank God for Chris Kyle. HE IS ABSOLUTELY A HERO. I thank him and others like him for the freedoms I have left and still enjoy. Now, if we can only get rid of the delusional, psycho-sociopathic, disinformation miscreants that post this bullshit propaganda, maybe we can re-establish our Constitution and take back the Liberty that has been taken from us by these degenerate scumbags that use our very own 1st Amendment Rights to undermine the foundations of our Republic and destroy us from within. A treasonist inside the gate is a far greater threat than a murderer at the gate.


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