FLASHBACK: Bill Maher ‘caught with his pants down’


Figuratively, that is. In truth, Bill was caught in an ‘Israel first’ moment.

And this was in 2007. But it’s a significant milestone in America’s awakening that’s well worth remembering.

Never underestimate the power of comedy to ease people into letting down their guard.

Let me start by defining an “Israel first moment.”

It’s a moment, usually spontaneous, in which a person inadvertantly and unequivocally reveals that they are ready to put israel’s interests before America’s.

In this amazing clip, Bill Maher proves before a live audience that he’s truly an israel-firster.

Just in case the clip is removed, like the last one was, I transcribed the most important parts of it.

Maher starts off joking about Bin Laden as he interviews Michael Scheuer author of the new book “Marching towards Hell: America and Islam after Iraq”, but towards the middle Maher posits what he thinks is a rhetorical question about israel, only to find out that it’s not. At around 4 minutes, the fun starts.

Maher: “would you grant me this, that as long as there is an israel in the world – and I’m a big supporter of israel – and that as long as America backs it, the kind of Muslims that take their religion that seriously, that they would strap on a suicide belt, are always going to be [after] us and always going to be trying to kill us?”

To this Scheuer replied, much to Maher’s shock and dismay:

Scheuer: I think we can reduce it very seriously, sir – I disagree with you on israel, but uh . . . [Maher cuts him off]

Maher [visibly perterbed]: In what way? You’re not a supporter?

Scheuer [fumbles a little]: I hope israel flourishes, I just don’t think that it’s worth an American life or an American dollar.

BAM! WoW! Yowzer!

He nearly knocked Maher off his feet!

And to this Scheuer got a round of applause (though there were isolated boos in the audience).

Maher then repeats what Scheuer said verbatim, only as a question, (apparently expecting him to change his answer) only to find that Scheuer not only stands by what he said, but is decidedly not ashamed to be American first and foremost!

I won’t spoil the rest for you. See it yourself.

But, let me assure you that this is dynamite.

It’s the beginning of something VERY BIG.

When a major mainstream player like Maher gets caught with his israel-first guns a-blazing that means US support for israel is finally disintegrating on the mainstream stage.

Nothing short of an immediate halt to this war and all other wars on the table can stop it now.

Thanks, braharri1 at reddit.com

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