Bill Gates: Get on your knees and beg for your jobs


He might not have said it in so many words, though I wish that he had because only that kind of candor can get Americans to wakeup and do what is necessary to survive this stealth and brutal war, calculated to destroy their lives.

Microsoft cofounder Bill Gates isn’t going to sugarcoat things: The increasing power of automation technology is going to put a lot of people out of work. Business Insider reports that Gates gave a talk at the American Enterprise Institute think tank in Washington, DC this week and said that both governments and businesses need to start preparing for a future where lots of people will be put out of work by software and robots.

“Software substitution, whether it’s for drivers or waiters or nurses… it’s progressing,” Gates said. “Technology over time will reduce demand for jobs, particularly at the lower end of skill set… 20 years from now, labor demand for lots of skill sets will be substantially lower. I don’t think people have that in their mental model.”

Of course, they don’t. Thanks to you and the mainstream media that people like you own, the masses are constantly bombarded and distracted by lies, working 24/7 to get them to work against their own interests while you and others like you destroy their lives.

As for what governments should do to prevent social unrest in the wake of mass unemployment, the Microsoft cofounder said that they should basically get on their knees and beg businesses to keep employing humans over algorithms. This means eliminating payroll and corporate income taxes while also scrapping the minimum wage so that businesses will feel comfortable employing people at dirt-cheap wages instead of outsourcing their jobs to an iPad.

Many people criticize me for painting Gates as the monster that he is. But there is no question what he and others like him mean when they eliminate jobs altogether by the tens of thousands, or off shore them to increase their profits and expand their empires along with their egos, unless of course governments give them license to reign over both natural and human resources as they will.

The man puts Lord Sauron to shame. At least Sauron tells you straight to your face what he plans to do with your sorry carcass, unlike Gates who hires others to gut you from behind as he pats you on the back and feigns sorrow at your demise.



  1. Bill misses a key point. Software and robots do not earn wages to pour back into the economy. Bill’s vision of the future is 300 million Americans starving in the streets while the factories and stores are filled with robots standing around with nothing to do!

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    • Unfortunately Mike the laws of capitalism no longer apply because Dodd-Frank has made bail outs and direct Fed financing permanent features of our central bank’s mission; in short, when Microsoft cannot sell software they can always borrow unlimited funds at no interest, or cost to move into another business venture.

      That’s all before they get socialist government no-bid contracts to live off taxpayer’s with.

      And of course it does not include the Microsoft-supported draft bill that brings back the draft for war-time and makes it impossible to stay out of the military by forcing you to work at your former job for military-grade pay instead of going overseas, if your company does any business with the military.

      We are now a fascist system moving towards communism exactly the same way Germany did in WWII.

      And not one word about it in the main stream media.


    • Bill is willing to pay taxes to take care of the poor, but he’s going to want more representation as to how his money is spent.


      • Bill wouldn’t have all that wealth if it wasn’t for the people who are forced to pay a premium for his goods when all logic and reason dictates that computer programs should not be subject to copyrights, especially not operating systems. Bill Gates does not deserve the wealth that he has and everything he does impoverishes the people around him.

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    • why is this child murderer,Bill Gates even walking the streets? he should have been cuffed & jailed for his atrocities committed in India? Gates IS personally responsible for..47,000+ paralyzed and/or exterminated young toddlers,force vaccinated with Gates tainted,poison polio vaccines in India in 2012..
      [vaccines are btw.. something Bill simply loves ] fact,Bill promised the audience & a YouTube audience, that he & his philanthropic,child loving tax-free Foundation would reduce world population by AT LEAST 4 billion souls by 2020, using [what else] his absolute favorite murder weapon..THE VACCINE!
      in fact..Gates has officially pronounced 2010-2020 THE DECADE OF THE VACCINE,& THEREFORE A DRAMATIC 4 billion plus DECLINE IN WORLD POPULATION USING VACCINES..
      be it deadly fertility vaccines for young women,or just good ol deadly polio vaccines jabs into unsuspecting, little toddlers,in most every 3rd world country Gates can BS his way into, with his killer vaccines, using his soft,tender I wouldn’t hurt a mosquito voice & assuring parents & doctors alike that the vaccines are perfectly safe &,this is surely for your child’s safety against the ravaging diseases that have been cooked up in tax free Foundation basements & labs, that can kill and/or,paralyze children,or make women non-fertile..
      [ what a wild co-incidence!..exactly the very same thing Gates vaccines do.. murder and/or paralyze those that are unfortunate enough to believe this raving lunatic & sociopath monster!the poison vaccines..vaccines are something Bill admittedly personally “just Loves”
      & why is that Bill?
      why murdering innocent children sends shivers of pure excitement down any good sociopath’s spine,of course!
      just thinking about murdering 4 billion useless eaters,goyim insects,scum of the earth would give a sick sociopath like Gates an erectionation that a hammer couldn’t beat down!
      in this twisted world,piles of ink & paper,& lots of JPM computer digits apparently gives elites like Bill & Mel the right by fiat to maim & murder,
      just all in a days work for the NWO eugenics freaks..After all,we can’t be wasting the worlds natural resources on useless eater goyim insects..natural resources are meant for the chosen ones,& only the chosen ones..and the most important for last:
      “he who has the most toys,the most ink & paper debt notes,& JPM computer digits at death..WINS!-George H.W.”POPPY” Bush


  2. I am amazed how blind He is, tsk, tsk.
    And of course when the feilds as divided as it is this days, we hear ONLY from corporate mouthpieaces, whom have sayed the same since time immemoriale, and whines about salarys, and how close to starvation the unber rich is.
    The solution.
    WE eradicate them, the sole reason for their woelth of corruption and greed, monopolys and controll.
    Dont talk about Free marked or any of that witch WE know is pure manure, but is to be able to destroy whats left of workers rights in whatever country they may chuse, slave labor si epidemic this days.

    In a world where instant gratification, is everything, shortsigted ness and corporate greed rules.
    As the markes narrowes, they will grow, and monsters are created and Michrosoft is one.
    And blocks everybody else.
    Dont insult our intellegence BG, since I know already that You dont know jack shitt about economy, others than manufacturing, witch isnt telling me anything, other than you have monopoly, and even a druling ididot can prosper on monopoly.

    Yupp, if I had any doubt about where He is sane or not, its been solidly fundated by him selfs and he have parked him selfs in the lunatic binn, barking mad, loaded with insane science and politics of eugenics, shining thrue.

    And people take this babbelin thing seriously.


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  3. I remember when they used to say, “Don’t worry, automation will be up your time and you will be able to work less hours.”

    Yes in a monetary system not like the one we have. A usury based system where growth is required to pay down the debt that is ever-amassing.

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  4. Buckminster Fuller said the same thing 40 years ago. Bill is saying something that people should not be surprised about.

    There are plenty of reasons to dislike Bill without having to lie about what he said. When you lie people just tune you out, nothing gets better.


    • I didn’t lie. He doesn’t need to say it. He never will. I never said he was stupid. Just greedy and selfish. He says this every day with his deeds. and Actions speak far louder than words.


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