What’s good for Greece is bad for Israel

Head of radical leftist Syriza party Tsipras waves while leaving the party headquarters after winning the elections in Athens

While most of the world (at least the 99 percenters) are congratulating Greeks at the dawn of their new age of dignity, the Jerusalem Post warns that victory for Syriza is bad news for Israel. Upon reading the article, I could see why they’re concerned:

Alexis Tsipras’ party colleagues and his own inner circle have repeatedly attacked Israel and the “Zionists” claiming that they are not anti-Semitic, just ”anti-Zionist.” Syriza’s former head, Nikos Konstandopoulos, has consistently offered his services as a defense lawyer for convicted and alleged Arab terrorists who have been arrested in Greece.

Last year, Tsipras stated that ‘’the world should make every possible effort so that Israel ends its criminal attack and brutality against Palestinians.’’

“Seeing Israel killing children in Palestine is unacceptable. We should unite our voices and forces so as to live in peace, expressing our solidarity to the Palestinian people,” he said during a march in Athens against Israel’s Operation Protective Edge against Hamas in Gaza last summer.

“When civilians and children are killed at beaches facing the same sea that borders on the European continent, we cannot remain passive, because if this happens on the other side of the Mediterranean today, it can happen on our own side tomorrow,” he said.

It seems the man is not a hypocrite. Israel is right to be concerned. Honest leaders are not their friends.


  1. Like Venezuela and every other country that charted an independent course, you can expect economic sanctions to be implemented against Greece at any time. Banksters simply will not run the risk of Greece becoming an economic success story.

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  2. Just hunt down the Banksters… its now open season on them and you cannot be charged with a crime of any kind as they are Aliens… fu_k them! Useless eaters


  3. “Honest leaders are not their friends.”

    Very well said. I would however amend that sentence to add; “Honesty in any endeavor seems to be anti-Semitic these days.”


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