America Unites Against the 1%

Black, white, hispanic; middle class, working poor and veterans; from the streets of Detroit to the mountains of West Virginia, Americans are waking up and beginning to understand the need to unite against the scourge we call the 1%.

“In West Virginia, 15 years ago, an attorney told the coal industry ‘if y’all want this coal out of the ground you gotta get them people out of the way. You gotta depopulate southern West Virginia’ . . . we think about that stuff as what happened during the Holocaust . . . what happened in countless genocides in countries all over the world, and here is this attorney in West Virginia, speaking up at the state capital saying ‘If you want this coal, you gotta get rid of the hillbillies.”


  1. The 1% is never short on resources and assets of all types. They’ll get some Allahu-akbar shouting terrorists to teach Americans a lesson or two.

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    • BINGO, you are so right. just wait and see how the sheeple will be brought to toe the line by a false flag that will be blamed on Muslims. FOX news will sell it very well to the dumbed down americans.

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  2. Divide and Rule, and Machiavellian methods have been used for centuries.

    They want to trick the sheeple into fighting with each other, so they can expand
    the police state and prevent the citizens from unifying.

    Preventing unification was one of the big reasons for killing JFK, MLK, RFK,
    John Lennon and others.

    They had Gandhi killed after the fact for unifying India and figuring out the
    only way to get the British thugs out of India was hit them in the wallets via Boycotts.

    The boycotts only work if you can get most of the nation onboard though.

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