Just. Doing. Their. Jobs.


Irrespective of its cultural-evolutionary origins . . . and as uncomfortable as it sounds, humans DO inherently & unquestionably believe authority figures – REGARDLESS. This is well understood in sociology

The famous Milgram experiments evidenced this. 65% of volunteers delivered what they thought were fatal doses of electric shocks to human subjects, while being calmly assured to continue by the experiment ‘administrators’ (doctors in lab coats). The other 35% of participants still delivered shocks to the point of unconsciousness but refused to administer the ‘highest level’ shocks. 

Interestingly, none of these 35% insisted that the experiment itself be terminated, nor left the room to check that the victim was O.K. without first asking for permission. So much for independent thinking.

In interviews prior to the experiment respondents predicted that only the most ‘sadistic’ 1.2% of participants would be willing to hurt another participant with electric shocks, yet 100% of the participants DID administer the shocks.

The power of authority figures is indeed strong. All you need is a lab coat and clip board.

Apply this unquestioning obedience to society as a whole . . .

And you end up with what we have now, and what humanity has experienced throughout the ages – the decline of civilization, despite ample opportunity to save it.

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