Some things never change, since at least 1934 – Same families, Same game

Some things never change.

Hughie Long

Since at least 1934, the same families have been at the same game

“According to the tables which we have assembled, it is our estimate that 4 percent of the American people own 85 percent of the wealth of America, and that over 70 percent of the people of America don’t own enough to pay for the debts that they owe.

Any man with a thimble-full of sense ought to know that if you take 85 percent off of that table and give it to one man that you are bound to have 2/3 the people starving because they haven’t got enough to eat.” — Huey Long, December 11, 1934

Time for Americans to solve this intractable problem, once and for all.

Greed will forever be our undoing, if we don’t put an end to it, because they can never have enough of what they do not need.

Greed JPEG


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