WE are the change!

The government is not going to save you, protesting is pointless because that entire system is not broken, its designed to be that way. We have to be that change to stop banks and corporations. Which leads me on to the masses. Many of you hate NWO scum like Bill Gates, yet many of you ignore the fact you a funding him by running Windows on your PCs. You can send the license back and install another FREE OS to help shut them down, but you dont, because its all mouth and NO action. Ive bought Apple kit in the past, ill never do it again, and two out of my three Macs are now on Ubuntu, and im going to see if i can switch the iPads over to Linux. Im doing something, why don’t you?

There are many different flavours of Linux and the majority are FREE with lots of FREE applications help you move away from license fees!  Myself I use Ubuntu, it runs very fast and rock solid on Mac and PC hardware



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