What to do if protestors block traffic – ‘Run ’em over’ says FL sheriff


Yesterday,  we heard John McCain call protesters low life scum. Today, we learn that a Florida Sheriff recommended running them over.

Dark clouds gather over America as officials in power continue to show how much contempt they have for Americans who oppose the status quo enough to do something about it.

“Your safety is far more valuable than those violent thugs illegally blocking the roadways. If you see the protesters, and you can’t back up, stopping will make you an easy target for violence, robbery or murder. If you are driving on a Florida roadway, it is up to them to move, so sit as low as possible in your car and accelerate forward. If you run over protesters, remember that your safety comes first and they shouldn’t have been there in the first place. Whatever you do, I can’t emphasize enough how important enough it is not to stop and if they are injured, they brought it upon themselves.”

That’s how afraid they are that Americans might actually succeed in effecting change in America through non-violent disobedience. They’re willing to kill to stop them.

But in the words of John F. Kennedy, “those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”


  1. I could not agree more. If I’m blocked by protestors, I must assume that they do not have my well being in mind, and I will react in a way as to get me out of there with alacrity. Jump out of the way, or get squashed; it’s your call, gangsta.


  2. This is the highest elected law enforcement officer in the land and this guy has a problem that is so severe that the next time his election comes up vote him out. He said demonstrators not doing anything but demonstrating, now if they were rioting and or causing bodily harm to life and or property then I would be the first one to run them down if I knew my life or a member of my families lives were in danger. But to suggests that demonstration is a just reason to run someone over is a clear lack of thought process and concern for life. Vote this bozo out if you have any brains.


  3. You’ve clearly never been in one of these situations. These thugs block your cars and bang on it like maniacs. Of course at that point you should consider your safety first and speed away.

    Let’s not forget that these thugs are protesting against legal actions taken by police officers. They lack a brain, common sense, and decency. It seems you do as well.


  4. Blocking traffic is NOT an effective way of protesting you’re just angering people not swaying them to your side


  5. Murdering Eric Garner was legal, but you have to hide behind Darrell Wilson ‘s name ? The question was never whether you or some other un–American retard thinks it is legal: the question is why do we allow police to murder people without any reason to have to murder someone ? You, the nameless, faceless, gutless, “THANKGODFOR DARRENWILSON” can’t and won’t have a reasonable answer for that, because, …as Bob Dylan said, you “just want to be on the side that’s winning.” Why don’t you admit you are a cop ? You only make cops look bad. Your position is not only brainless, it is heartless, lawless, and gutless. You are no American and even less of a human being.

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    • I’m afraid you can’t expect much else from a group of people referred to us through a subreddit titled “coon town.” Unfortunately, just as the internet connects you to some incredibly intelligent and thoughtful people, it sometimes introduces you to some who are not so much. like the one below and above and a few others on this thread.

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  6. In 2012 Ric Bradshaw was held on corruption charges by the ethics committee for fraudulent use of expenses. Because criminals protect their own the charges were dropped. Another piece of garbage harking the NWO agenda.

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  7. Recently I left work at the State complex I work at. A bunch of protesters protesting what was going on in Fergusen had blocked traffic and it was backed up for several miles. They are lucky I couldn’t get to the front of the line of cars! I would have very slowly crept forward in my SUV, giving them the option to get out of the way or be run over. So slowly that the only way they could be run over would be to sit down in front of a moving SUV … in other words deliberately commit suicide. If they are that god damned stupid, so be it. And if they had started attacking my SUV, I wouldn’t have proceeded forward slowly … it would have been pedal to the metal.


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