Humans Need Not Apply – doctors and lawyers included

A sobering look into a not too distant future where jobs no longer exist for humans because of automation. It’s not a far fetched hi tech future that may or may not arrive. Many of these technologies already exist and are simply being refined.

For example, jobs in transportation industry are particularly vulnerable to becoming obsolete, as automated cars are already in use by companies like Google and Uber.

The effects of the autonomous car movement will be staggering. PricewaterhouseCoopers predicts that the number of vehicles on the road will be reduced by 99%, estimating that the fleet will fall from 245 million to just 2.4 million vehicles.

Disruptive innovation does not take kindly to entrenched competitors – like Blockbuster, Barnes and Noble, Polaroid, and dozens more like them, it is unlikely that major automakers like General Motors, Ford, and Toyota will survive the leap.

But it’s much, much more than just automated cars. No one is immune from losing their jobs, not even programmers, many of whose jobs can also be replaced by computer algorithms.

Doctors, lawyers, even artists will go the way of the dodo bird.

It’s high time people realized that a world where the planet’s resources are divvied up according to the so-called monetary value each individual brings to the table through their contributions will no longer be a viable way for the vast majority of humanity to survive.

Unless people are willing to adopt genocide as public policy or live in abject poverty for the rest of their lives, begging for jobs and tiny morsels of food to survive, we had better start thinking of ways to organize human civilization that is radically different from the monetary paradigm.

Automation is a very scary prospect, but maybe it will finally make people realize that money itself is a lie.

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