Varoufakis trail blazes through Europe like a Rock-star

Looking more like a rock-star than a finance minister, Yanis Varoufakis, is already setting precedents as he trail blazes through Europe in style, championing his nation’s new fiscal agenda and winning the hearts and minds of Europe’s debt-stricken nations.

No one has ever come to meet George Osborne looking like this before…


Hello, who are you? I’m waiting for the Greek Finance minister…


But… but, where’s your tie?


Stay cool Gideon, stay cool


Yes Yanis, the camera loves you


And your skinny trousers


He really is setting precedents and depending on his success, Spain is already gearing up to follow in his footsteps:

Hailing from the Madrid working class neighborhood of Vallecas, [Pablo] Iglesias [a 36-year old political science professor] prefers jeans and rolled up shirt sleeves to a suit and tie and champions slogans such as Spain is ‘run by the butlers of the rich’ and that the economy must serve the people.

Yes, these are interesting times.

‘We want change,’ Iglesias told the crowd. ‘This is the year for change and we’re going to win the elections.’


  1. The blue of that shirt is great ! I alwayys wanted to wear that blue. I had something similar in the 1970’s, but all my clothes were stolen in laudromats more than 4 or 5 times in my life, and it left me at a loss for continuity of my own identity as well as for the continuity of my memory of, and control over, what I had been wearing.

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    • I am impressed that he is confident enough to bring his own relaxed style to the table, even though he’s completely new to this. It tends to suggest that he will go far with negotiations.


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