Iran – if at first you don’t succeed – try, try again.

I’ve watched for over a decade as Israelis and their minions in the West have tried everything in their power to bring down Iran. Time and again they’ve failed. But their repeated failures haven’t deterred them one bit. I have to hand it to them. They are determined. If at first they don’t succeed, they try and try again. This time, through a young man and his passion for dance.

Other Hollywood films that portray Iranians as violent or intolerant: 300, which depicts King Leonidas and a force of 300 men fighting the Persians at Thermopylae in 480 BC, Brian Gilbert’s 1991 film Not Without My Daughter; and The Wrestler.


  1. what a bunch of bull shits, Spanish/black actor that can’t even pronounce his last name “Qhfarian” , Arab actors? you couldn’t get Iranian selling themselves for your rubbish movie so you hired any cheap azzholes who ever… who produced this crap has never been to Iran all those dismal ruins or so called building in the background where is that Bangladesh? .bullshit hollywood disinformation portraying Iran as a sinister nation. Not all is well in the world when it comes to people freedom but this is same zionists garbage feeding the sheeples


  2. Who, exactly, is behind ALL the “elite” memes – 1) the phony “war on terror”, 2) the phony “war on drugs” (in which the CIA imports most all the drugs into the USA, and makes a HUGE profit, via laundering the “illegal” drug proceeds via the largest TBTF banks, while, simultaneously throwing in jail any American pedestrian caught using the same drugs!), AND, the ever-expanding Police State, and “Military-Industrial-PRISON” Complex, AND, ever-expanding NSA Surveillance grid, 3) “gun control”, 4) “global warming” – oops! – “climate change”, 5) the coming ORCHESTRATED “global” economic collapse? ALL of these “elite” memes are designed with ONE PURPOSE IN MIND: GLOBAL GOVERNANCE – a One-World Government. Who, exactly, is behind it all? Who, exactly, OWNS THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT? Who, exactly, does Obama ultimately report to? Who, exactly, FUNDS COMMUNISM?

    Bill Ayers, Saul Alinsky, Frank Marshall Davis, Barack Obama – Chicago Communists. Period.

    X22 Report: Central Bankers Can’t Stop The Economic Collapse Instead They Will Cover It Up

    Read the comments.


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