Pregnant activist hijacks podium, takes arms industry head on

In a colossal display of integrity and courage, a pregnant political activist proved to the world that you don’t have to be armed to wage war on the arms industry. In classic guerrilla style, she hijacked the podium and gave them a piece of her mind.

A pregnant political activist entered a glitzy arms industry dinner in Westminster, commandeered a microphone and warned assembled arms dealers and MPs that making profit “causing death and destruction around the world” is unacceptable.

After making her way to a microphone undetected, Anne Marie O’Reilly expressed concern her unborn child would face a world where arms dealers profit from human suffering and bloodshed.

The anti-arms activist’s unexpected intervention left the crowd somewhat stunned.

What she did was put them to shame and breathe new life into a world cowed by power and greed.

The woman is a lion. She deserves the nobel peace prize and a statue commemorating her for her courage and integrity. Here stands a pregnant woman who singlehandedly went up against the world’s arms industry.

The UK arms industry, which profits from brokering arms deals with questionable regimes and conflict-ridden states worldwide, is backed and subsidized by the British government.

Tuesday’s annual dinner, which cost attendees £246 per head, was hosted by ADS – a trade body for British Aerospace, and other defense, security and space companies. The group represents a collective of the world’s 50 largest arms firms.

The opulent soiree was attended by Britain’s Business Secretary Vince Cable, the representatives of 100 arms firms across the globe, over 40 British MPs, 30 civil servants, and 30 Ministry of Defence (MoD) personnel.

The lavish annual dinner’s guest list reads like a wedding between death and destruction and greed and corruption. But notably, the RT report, which clearly applauds the young woman’s efforts, and highlights arms to belligerent states around the world, including the gulf, does not once mention Israel, though the woman herself decried continued arms sales to Israel amidst last summer’s siege in Gaza, as she was being dragged off stage.

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