95 yr old Dresden survivor: “It was evil”

“I will never forgive the people who ordered those raids. And that goes for all of them – Churchill, Attlee, all of them.”

Never is a long time, as is eternity in hellfire for those who committed these crimes against humanity.

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  1. I haven’t seen the video yet, but that is a pretty significant comment. Dresden is never really taught in the U.S., and when it should have been mentioned, or even briefly was… they had not taught us anything about the meaning of the Vietnam War which was already in and beyond its height of destruction.
    The idea that in Hamburg, before Dresden, over 40,000 or 60,000 were killed in one night, and over 100,000 made homeless (those are low figures, I have momentarily forgotten the real figures) and then Dresden was over one quarter of a million people killed in a fire storm, incinerated: more than Hiroshima and Nagasaki combined, …I believe is the number, …and the “strategist” ( who I believe was British) said it was “to break the will of the German people”, ….of course was ridiculous, since they were under the archetypal dictator of all time , who had as much real contempt for THEM as he did for himself.
    This was the return, from W.W.I, and from the Civil War in the United States South, of the doctrine of Total War, burning homes, killing the general populace under the theory that “they all are supporters”, and equally “willing to die” … macabre, untethered, unfettered, and unhinged as it is. Once LeMay could use this BRITISH bombing general’s strategy from Europe against Japan, then history was written in stone: that we would continue against the holdings of the Japanese Empire, …Vietnam and Indochina as a whole. We also “Asianized” all our future enemies, thus including Central Asia, and all its Indo European and Arabic people.
    I am late, perhaps we can talk about this more later on.

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