Disney vacation turns into nightmare for Canadian family


Let this be a lesson for all my physician friends in Canada and all over the world – don’t vacation in the US!!!

“During the inspection, the family said, their electronics — one iPhone, two MacBooks and three iPads — were confiscated, and they were ordered to provide passwords so officials could unlock the devices.

“We have uncovered photos we took in our private lives in there,” Ahmed, Al-Rawi’s wife, said of the digital family photos on the devices, where she and her daughter, Zainab, appeared without their headscarves.

A customs supervisor later told the family they were being denied entry to the U.S. and asked them to sign papers to declare they were withdrawing their applications for admission, he said. Al-Rawi refused and asked for a reason.

“He said, ‘You are not going to your trip because we have doubts if you are going to return to Canada after the trip,’” said Al-Rawi, who spent more than five years working to earn an Ontario medical licence and restart his stalled practice in Canada.

United States Customs and Border Protection refused to comment on the Al-Rawi incident, but said travellers are responsible for proving their innocence.

Everywhere else on earth you are innocent until proven guilty. Not in the US.
Here it’s the other way around – if you’re muslim and Arab, then you’re guilty until proven innocent.

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