ISIS releases 2014 Annual Report – shares up


Beheadings alone weren’t getting the desired results (Americans are too desensitized to violence from hollywood and ‘call of duty’). But the corporate form – thats a different story! Nothing strikes terror in the heart of Americans quite like metrics and organization, as embodied in an annual report! Corporations have been beating Americans into submission with them for decades now, with no sign of letting up. Americans aren’t afraid of violence. But they’re no match for anything that resembles a corporation.

With its carefully collated facts and figures, it reads like a set of company accounts.

But closer inspection of the 400-page document reveals it is a chilling breakdown of the murderous activities of the fanatics battling for control of Iraq.

For this is the ‘annual report’ of the Al Qaeda-inspired Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), designed to demonstrate its power and attract funds from potential donors.

Like any corporate document, it uses computer-generated graphics, details a management strategy, lists performance and targets.

And of course with this kind of performance, if Americans can’t beat them – just like labor did from the 60’s through the 80’s –  they can always join them.

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