Russia made its choice – peace, not war

41d51293fda544b72f70If indeed Putin has disappeared, he’s left the world with one heckuva speech with which to remember him by, from the 2014 Valdai International Discussion Club’s XI session . . . a message every American ought to hear.

Colleagues, Russia made its choice. Our priorities are further improving our democratic and open economy institutions, accelerated internal development, taking into account all the positive modern trends in the world, and consolidating society based on traditional values and patriotism.

We have an integration-oriented, positive, peaceful agenda; we are working actively with our colleagues in the Eurasian Economic Union, the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, BRICS and other partners. This agenda is aimed at developing ties between governments, not dissociating. We are not planning to cobble together any blocs or get involved in an exchange of blows.

The allegations and statements that Russia is trying to establish some sort of empire, encroaching on the sovereignty of its neighbours, are groundless. Russia does not need any kind of special, exclusive place in the world – I want to emphasise this. While respecting the interests of others, we simply want for our own interests to be taken into account and for our position to be respected.

We are well aware that the world has entered an era of changes and global transformations, when we all need a particular degree of caution, the ability to avoid thoughtless steps. In the years after the Cold War, participants in global politics lost these qualities somewhat. Now, we need to remember them. Otherwise, hopes for a peaceful, stable development will be a dangerous illusion, while today’s turmoil will simply serve as a prelude to the collapse of world order.

Yes, of course, I have already said that building a more stable world order is a difficult task. We are talking about long and hard work. We were able to develop rules for interaction after World War II, and we were able to reach an agreement in Helsinki in the 1970s. Our common duty is to resolve this fundamental challenge at this new stage of development.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Compare and contrast to our nitwit senator who thinks Iran has invaded and occupied its own capitol, Tehran, and we have a clear winner in the brains department.

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  1. I feel like I’m in the Truman Show. No credible evidence Putin is alive & well, other than the same 5 word clip, of him jovially scoffing at rumors, after 11 days missing. Every News agency repeats the same words, journalists desperately fluffing up the same five words, with a little flourish of the same rumors, simultaneously debunked & still floated? It’s surreal. Even my Russian expat friends who are usually die hard conspiracy speculators seem way too eager to dismiss this as nothing, even after Sunday Night’s terrible fiery inferno of the Unesco World Heritage Site in Moscow? Netanyahu is reelected & Putin says nothing?


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