School teacher suspended for calling student “rag head Taliban”


Shameful. Or rather, shameless. How can any self-respecting teacher publicly denigrate a child like this?

The Broward County School Board voted Tuesday to suspend a teacher who was accused of calling her student “a raghead Taliban.”Maria Valdes, a French teacher at Cypress Bay High School, will be suspended for five days without pay and must complete mandatory diversity training.

The school board passed the item with no discussion.

Valdes allegedly made the comments to 14-year-old Deyab Houssein Wardani as he entered class wearing a hoodie.

According to the administrative complaint filed by Superintendent Robert Runcie, Valdes repeatedly called Deyab, who is Muslim, “the Taliban” and “terrorista” — Spanish for terrorist.

I would have suspended her for months without pay, or dismissed her entirely. She’s unfit to be a teacher.


  1. Why does a teacher say such words to a boy? Lack of training? Pent-up hatred towards a community? Bad boy friend? or the boy commenting on the dressing style of the teacher? or the boy describing sexual anatomy of the teacher in a condescending tone, that the teacher could not take? or the boy called catholics infidel, and called his teacher a tramp? We wouldn’t know- rather we don’t check because the commandment says, the boys is under 18- therefore teacher is guilty. Miserable clowns.

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