JFK and the problem with money


Most people remember that famous quote by JFK, but do we really understand what it means?

It reflects the principle of self-sacrifice and it’s the same reason why money is the root of all evil. Because when we insist on money as a “reward” or “incentive” for our contributions, instead of saying to each other and to ourselves, ‘what can I do to help solve the problems we face?’ I ask ‘what can I get out of it?’ Just like a family doesn’t last long if each member has that attitude, neither does a nation or a civilization.

So what’s the problem with money, you ask, aside from the obvious fraud of fractional reserve banking and usury based exploitation? A world that revolves around money really revolves around the concept of ‘me’ above everything else. It’s a self-centered world, where instead of loving each other and living our lives to the fullest, we spend all our time and energy counting and fighting over who deserves more credit for existing in it.

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