The Truth about “Allah” and other related myths


Many Americans have bizarre fantasies about what “Allah” means, no doubt due to what they’ve seen in movies and on TV.

But the truth about “Allah” is so simple, you don’t even need google to understand it.

Amer Zahr, a Palestinian American lawyer sums it up nicely in an effort to educate the community at Pine Bush high school, where its mere mention a few weeks ago caused the school’s principal to issue a public apology:

To quickly review, “allah” is simply the word for “God,” the same God of the Old and New Testaments. Arabic-speaking Christians and Jews use it. Since the Arabic language predated Islam, the word “allah” did as well. People were saying “allah” way before Muhammad was even born. Other Semitic languages use very similar words for “God.” Finally, Jesus didn’t look like Brad Pitt. He looked like Tony Shalhoub.

That’s all folks! Next time you have questions about Islam or Arabs, try not to consult a biased source – “biased” being defined as anyone with a long history of wanting to destroy them, not to mention a vested interest in it.

One comment

  1. Cool. But i bet. jesus. & ‘Muhammad’, were nappy-headed, & black.
    -Truth is stranger than fiction.
    One day the spirit in man will not be so deceitful. LoL. Funny thing Obama is NoT a good man, he looks “black”, & he makes it hard to believe in a good black leader.
    I have seen the future, & in it white men are of courage like John Lennon, like JFK, & black men are of honor like Bob Marley.
    The future knocks…….. are we home?


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