Time is not money and money has no value

Am I kidding? Is this a joke? No, it’s the simple truth, if you can handle it.

Time and money measure two very different things and have been diabolically confused for a specific reason.

Anyone with half a brain can tell you this, but most people lack the critical thinking skills needed to comprehend this and are easily fooled by the false meme “time is money” – a bald faced lie.

Time is one measurement in our lives, and like money, is both arbitrary and relative, which makes it easily susceptible to bait & switch.

The real measurement of value is what you do with your time. In that regard, most lives these days are bankrupt of any value, even the most “successful” (as measured by dollars and cents).

Time is only valuable as measured not only by what you do in it, but by who it serves.

Humanity will remain distracted and continue its descent into material oblivion in the service of a handful of megalomaniacs if we don’t ‘get real’ and understand that money has no value – it’s simply a measurement as is time if you don’t use it to serve the people who deserve it.


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