United We Soar

It’s been clear to me for years that in order to overcome the pressures of the “ruling” class we must unite.

But every time I try to unite with others, I find myself defeated and discouraged, unable to get people to see past their differences for long enough to effect change.

So now I have come to a different conclusion. While I still believe that unity is essential I no longer believe that we must or even can all work together.

But that’s alright because the only way in which we really must unite is in our resolve to change ourselves from useful idiots who are fearful and needy and treat each other and ourselves with contempt to courageous, independent, and thoughtful human beings who know how to care for each other and for ourselves.

This is something we don’t need anyone else’s consent to do. We can each do this alone and by ourselves. But if we all succeed at it, the world will change and we will be united, not necessarily in our actions but in our resolve to value and care for each other, our world and ourselves.

We can and must be united, not by a leader, but by sound principles we each adopt in our lives, which in practice will yield a spectacular self-organized symphony of beauty and wonder, in contrast to the regimented and atomized misery to which we now subject ourselves.

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