‘We came, we saw, he died!’ – How the 1st African-American US president used AFRICOM to take out Gaddafi

Muammar Gaddafi archive

An extraordinary account of how and why the US and France spearheaded the war against Gaddafi

And if that wasn’t enough to make your head spin, read this excerpt from a piece published last year in Pravda that analyzes the difference between Nelson Mandela and Muammar Gaddafi :

The lukewarm saint

When Nelson Mandela endured 27 years of isolation in prison, he paid the price of being the socialist revolutionary and the racial equality fighter that he was. His freedom was taken away by the South African Apartheid regime, a regime that was the result of the infiltration of South Africa by European colonial powers. How come the same colonial powers now consider him to be a hero and a saint? Did the Western elite have a massive change of mind, and thus all of the sudden embraced the exact same ideology that made them put Mandela behind bars a few decades ago?

We only have to take a look at the current situation of the Blacks in NATO-led Libya to understand that this was not quite the case. Libya, in 1951 officially the poorest country in the world, under Gaddafi attained the highest standard of living in Africa. The country’s prosperity attracted many Black African immigrants, during the 2011 war on Libya by the mainstream media purposely misnamed as being “black sub-Saharan African mercenaries”. Gaddafi provided them with work and education. Those immigrant workers, to whom Gaddafi was a hero, a father and a friend, now face the cruelest forms of racism by the Western-installed Libyan puppet regime. Just one telling example is a video in which Libyan “rebels” force Black immigrants to eat the green flag of the Libyan Jamahiriya.

Then why the 180 degrees change of attitude of the West towards Mandela after his release from prison?

Statistics show that still 65% of the Blacks in South Africa remain unemployed, while 90% of the Whites own 90% of South Africa’s wealth. Over the last decades, Apartheid may have disappeared for the visual scene, fact is that Blacks remain poor while Whites remain rich.

Yet the West regards Mandela as the protector of the South African economy. According to a Financial Times journalist, Mandela’s ANC “proved a reliable steward of sub-Sahara Africa’s largest economy, embracing orthodox fiscal and monetary policies.” Canadian The Globe and Mail recently added that Mandela did this “without alienating his radical followers or creating a dangerous factional struggle within his movement”.

In other words, Mandela ran with the hare and hunted with the hounds… mainly economically – and nothing interested, interests and will interest the Western capitalist countries more than economics.

* * *

The lesson for us

At the beginning of a new year, let us allow ourselves to take a few moments to reflect on our destiny and on that of the post-Mandela and post-Gaddafi world we live in. We live in a time of transition on all fronts. More than ever we are faced with the choice of being guided by fear – especially by the fear of losing credibility with the public and being punished by “authorities” when we challenge the powers-that-be – or being guided by the freedom of thought. The latter will result in a higher level of understanding of both ourselves and the world around us, which is the main condition for a much needed (r)evolution and for the establishment of true democracy.

What the world needs now, are “Mad Dogs”. Revolutionaries with a vision who dare to be unconventional and dare to be so all the way. It is time for us to become a Gaddafi rather than a Mandela. It is time to let the walls of fear around our thinking fall away. It is time to break free from the fear of not being liked, of no longer being accepted, of being looked upon differently, of being branded an outcast, a lunatic, a conspiracy theorist or anything bad when we raise our voices.

We need to dare to totally tear aside the veil of Apartheid that mights and media use to cover up what is really going on in the world. Only then real progress can be achieved.

“Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery;
None but ourselves can free our mind.” – Bob Marley


  1. Gadaffi will be remembered very well by history. If you study his entire time in power in Libya, what he accomplished…it’s truly incredible. He brought Libya out of abject poverty. it was the poorest country on earth, and that’s not just a metaphor. It actually had the lowest income per person in the world. Prior to the western promoted, planned and executed regime change operation, which has since destroyed Libya…Libya had the highest living standards in Africa. Vast public programs.
    What was done to Libya…and Gadaffi…it’s the biggest crime to have ever been committed on the African continent.

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  2. I have NO syphaty nor am I will to bother to read or write about Libya, the people whom ruin their own land dont deserv anything.

    Lett them rott, lett them slay eatch others in whatever name thay can utter I dont care.
    They gott what they deserved.



    • Thanks for the comment, Mikael. But with all due respect, I think the point the video clip is trying to make is that Libya was invaded and destroyed under false pretenses because its leader was trying to unite Africa and develop it internally, independent of foreign capital – something those in power could not tolerate.


  3. He sentenced himself and the way of life in Libya to death because he organized and was going to finance a truly gold backed and African based currency that would never have been affected by inflation and deflation and actually redeemable for real wealth. The gold it would have been backed by. That sent rage through all the fake jackals in the fiat currency owned governments so they used their disgusting display of might to feed their war machine the men, women and children of Libya.

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  4. As a side comment on Hilary and Gaddafi
    Gaddafi had been holed up in Sirte for several weeks/months. Bombing and ground assaults had got nowhere. There was a “rescue” force being assembled in Chad, under the leadership of a South African of great experience and their job was to escort Gaddafi out of the country to safety. No one doubted their ability to do so and they were planning only the final details.
    The expected plan was to have Gaddafi and several other top members of his government “Star-burst” out of Sirte, under cover of darkness.
    50 or 60 groups simultaneously leave the city by every available road and head via round about routes, over country where possible, using every evasion and escape technique, and individually make their way to bordering countries. Only Gaddafi (and group) would have the escort, with sophisticated defensive weapons including SAM (Manpads) and TOW missiles.
    Inexplicably, Gaddafi and ALL his manpower formed a single convoy, and left, in daylight, notifying NATO of his intention!
    Only if he had been given a guarantee of safe-conduct would he have done this. Only the Supreme commander of NATO forces could have given this assurance, Barak Obama. Only one person would have had the sufficient authority from the US president to give this assurance, the Secretary of State. By sheer coincidence Clinton arrived in Libya 2 days before and was transported to the Sirte vicinity, (a dangerous war zone) the day before the convoy left Sirte.
    Trust Clinton, as far as you could throw the Capitol!

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