The TRUE size of Africa

Gives new meaning to the phrase “resource grab.”

Now we know why the people of Africa have been continuously kept down, neglected and taken advantage of over the centuries. A strong, independent and knowledgeable people are not easily exploited.



  1. Sorry, but, “A strong, independent and knowledgeable people” does not describe the overall population of Africa.


  2. Africa is the next hotbed for the outsourcing of jobs. War and terrorism is the tools of the powers that be to build infrastructure under the the fog of war. Say goodbye to your 401k and retirement plans when the government takes it away from you to pay for the upgrades.

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    • The only reason they take our money away from us is to further erode our power and independence. They don’t need it to “pay for” anything. Everything has already paid for itself a hundred times over.


  3. Interesting, You do know that Africa is a continent not a country. To make a fair comparison you need to compare North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, or Antarctica, not countries to a continent


      • You need to learn how to read a map there is a size guide that shows why some countries look larger. the scale takes in the changes from a globe to a flat surface and the convergence of the lines of latitude near the poles


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