Kick ’em where it hurts: Palestinians demand FIFA cancel Israel’s membership


Rajoub previously filed a complaint to FIFA against Israel demanding its FIFA membership be cancelled because it breached the organisation’s charter.In a press conference, Rajoub said that the complaints included calls for FIFA to stop Israeli practices against Palestinian sportspersons, including the daily aggression on sportsmen who face Israeli restrictions on their movement and are subjected to racism.

He also said that there are five Israeli clubs in the Israeli football body are in settlements. This contradicts the FIFA charter, according to Rajoub, who said that the FIFA charter stipulates that Israel has to recognise the Palestinian Athletic Federation.

“Daily aggression” and “restrictions” are the understatements of the century. This is what Israel did to four Palestinian players, under cover of war:

There was Ayman Alkurd. He was a 34-year-old member of the Palestinian national soccer team. Alkurd was killed during the 2009 Operation Cast Lead when a missile was sent into his home in Gaza.

There was Wajeh Moshtahe, another national team member. He was killed in his home during Operation Cast Lead as well. He was only 24.

There was Shadi Sbakhe, another national team member who suffered the same fate. All three, in fact, died within seventy-two hours of one another.

They reminded many, at the time of their deaths, of Tariq Al Quto, described by the BBC as “a talented midfielder,” who was killed by the IDF in 2004.

Of course, expelling Israel from FIFA won’t end the Israeli occupation or routine destruction of Gaza, but at least it would make Israel pay for being a bad sport.

Nothing personal, Israel. Those are the rules of the game.

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