Saudi Arabia and Syria Face Off at UN

In an unprecedented display of condemnation and contempt, Syria’s ambassador to the UN fights back hard after his Saudi Arabian counterpart takes the stage to condemn Syria and call for further Security Council measures against it.

Here are some highlights, though it’s worth watching the whole clip, which is less than 4 minutes of caustic rebuttal.

“The Saudi representative spoke about my country in an embarrassing and unacceptable manner. Therefore I wish to respond to their political ignorance and incitement that was spoken by him against my country . . .

Saudi Arabia and Zionism are the roots of terrorism. extremism and the culture of hate in this world, the culture of ISIS and their cutting off heads comes from the ignorance of Wahhabism and takfirism produced by the Sauods . . .

Saudi Arabia always has been and always will be a well for a culture of hatred and sectarianism and so it perfectly matches the culture of Zionist Israel.

And if the Saudi representative  was truly given the authority to threaten my country with what he said, then I challenge him hear in front of you all. Let Saudi Arabia try to do what it can against my country so we can cut off the hand that dares to reach for Syria and punish Saudi Arabia with what it deserves.”

I take no sides in this deadly battle, as I would much rather not see Muslims have at each other, but I note that Saudi Arabia is currently bombing the hell out of Yemen and that months ago, when King Abdullah died, I predicted that things would soon come to a head for Saudi Arabia. This unprecedented caustic exchange between Syria and Saudi Arabia before the UN sets the stage.

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