Roger Waters to Robbie Williams: Don’t Play Israel

Robbie Williams

In an extraordinary and lengthy personal letter to the popular UK entertainer Robbie Williams, the legendary Roger Waters lays it out like never before:

Now, in 2015, there is really no excuse for musicians agreeing to play in Tel Aviv.The jury of world opinion is in; global civil society supports equal rights for all. We are approaching the same tipping point as when artists lent their support to the anti-apartheid movement in South Africa.Those innocent soccer-playing children in Gaza were the victims of a violent indiscriminate Israeli attack.

That was more than nine months ago.  Since then, one of those kids, 12-year-old Montasser Abu Bakr, who was playing alongside his brother, and three friends, has attempted suicide and is regularly subject to uncontrollable fits of screaming and sobbing. This is one of the children whose “survival, protection and development” you, Robbie, have promised to uphold. Tragically, it is too late for Montasser’s dead brother and the other three children needlessly slain that day. But, Robbie, you can still stand up and send a powerful message as an individual and as a genuine human rights ambassador, that “business as usual” with Israel is unacceptable until such time as our Palestinian brothers and sisters are afforded equal human rights under international law and their children are not subject to this kind of obscene random slaughter.

Unlike actors and actresses, who know how to lie, but often have no soul, musicians are all soul and in the case of Roger Waters, plenty of heart.


  1. Wondering when an updated version of “Ain’t Gonna Play Sun City”, the song which catalyzed the South Africa anti-apartheid movement globally, will become produced. Or, a concert for Palestine, featuring the world’s top artists and musicians. Then again, who knows, maybe the events are already in the works. Sure worked in spreading awareness to help defeat apartheid in South Africa. Good for Roger Waters.

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