Worst US Ghettos: Baltimore, MD – 2013

The media will show you CVS burning and cry bloody murder, but they won’t show you this.


  1. Rasha,
    How are you. The concept which comes to mind after seeing the sameness of the buildings, standing out especially the identical, universail steps in front of each, is a prison. Assuming the photos were from separate parts of Baltimore – the samess creates doubt in one’s mind, yet the fact remains there is massive rehab work needed – restoring the areas would employ 100,000 or more people. And it’s clear restoration of those Baltimore areas is an urgent matter.

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    • I was thinking the same thing, regarding how much alike all these buildings look. It didn’t occur to me that it resembles a prison, but you’re right! And, you are also right about how many people would be employed rebuilding this city! not to mention the added benefit of actually lifting that community from the depths of destitution and desperation – unless of course, keeping them there is part of the plan.


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