The 1% wants a race war and they’ll do anything to get it


Ferguson and Baltimore were both governmental black operations choreographed to falsely dramatize a race war rather than the much more accurate class war that has been brewing for many years. It is much more advantageous for the 1% to frame the conflict in this very limited context because it diverts the attention from their direct culpability in the deliberate destruction of America … especially the economy.

Simply put, when blacks are fighting whites or the police, and Hispanics are rumbling with blacks, and Asians are tussling with Latinos and blacks, the 1% is content to sit back and watch the show … free from unwanted attention or scrutiny. In the face of an inevitable class war, they are incessantly instigating a race war.

This is not to say that racism is not real and very much a part of the equation. It is. But the overarching and far more important goal is to divide and conquer the population at large, keeping everyone distracted with ferocious battles of little consequence.

And there is no question that the riots in Baltimore were instigated. I said this two days ago. But yesterday an article from Mother Jones confirms this with eyewitness testimony.

A parent who picked up his children from a nearby elementary school, says via Twitter, “The kids stood across from the police and looked like they were asking them ‘why can’t we get on the buses’ but the police were just gazing…Majority of those kids aren’t from around that neighborhood. They NEED those buses and trains in order to get home.” He continued: “If they would’ve let them children go home, yesterday wouldn’t have even turned out like that.”

Meg Gibson, another Baltimore teacher, described a similar scene to Gawker: “The riot police were already at the bus stop on the other side of the mall, turning buses that transport the students away, not allowing students to board. They were waiting for the kids…Those kids were set up, they were treated like criminals before the first brick was thrown.” With police unloading busses, and with the nearby metro station shut down, there were few ways for students to clear out.”

The 1% is itching for a race war because it gives them the excuse they want to crack down on Americans with the “national guard,’ just like they’ve armed other governments to crack down on others around the world, before them.

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