‘O Say Can You See’ through the hypocrisy?

A message for flag wavers of every stripe, who blindly pave the way for fascism to take root in America and stay.


‘But it’s the flag,’ you say – ‘the same one I pledge allegiance to every day!’

I understand how you feel. you can’t help it – you’re brainwashed. I recommend you look up the term jingoism.


What would you do if Americans, through majority vote, legislative action, and constitutional amendment decided to modify the flag tomorrow and add a rainbow to it, to represent the multicultural fabric of our society? Would you still “defend the flag” against all enemies, foreign and domestic? Would you launch a war against the legislators for changing it?

Same-sex marriage rainbow flag

I’m trying to demonstrate to you how arbitrary symbols are. And how most people around the world see our flag and associate it not with freedom and democracy – like we do, but with corporate greed, needless military intervention, lies, political meddling, torture, dragnet spying, and other assorted evils. That’s what symbols do – they mean something different for everybody. That’s why lying and thieving politicians wave it around incessantly. It’s their opportunity to bait and switch.

You see, while you’re busy “defending the flag” with your very lives, the media and our selected politicians are hard at work, twisting it with their lies, turning the flag into a symbol of hatred, intolerance, and fascist military might; creating teams of enemies abroad – the same ones who ironically, like you, fight and die to defend their lands against it.


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