Danish anti-Israeli settlement Ads bad, NY anti-Muslim Ads good

Any questions? The logic seems crystal clear to me.

Another bitter taste of the double standards used to enforce “free speech” all over the world, whenever Israel is concerned.

The Danish Palestinian Friendship Association said Monday it would expand its anti-settlement advertising campaign after Copenhagen bus operator Movia said it was dropping their ads from buses in the city.

The advertisements were put on 35 buses in the Danish capital and featured two women and the quote: “Our conscience is clean! We neither buy products from the Israeli settlements nor invest in the settlement industry.”

But Movia said they dropped them after four days because of the number of inquiries they received about what the Danish Palestinian Friendship Association stands for, AFP reports.

[We] “received a significant number of inquiries regarding the Danish Palestinian Friendship Association’s campaign against Israeli settlements.”

The company declined to comment but released a statement saying the ads were “unnecessarily offensive.”

* * *

Christian Juhl, a lawmaker from the Red-Green Alliance, said that he thought the decision by the bus company was “embarrassing.”

Meanwhile, in New York, a bus ad by renowned Islamophobe, Pam Geller, that is easily more hateful and offensive was shoved down our throats by court decree.

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  1. Ugly Duckly and Islamophobic # 1 in America, Pam Geller has been banned from the United Kingdom by the order of Home Secretary Theresa May, who personally decided to exclude Geller under the country’s “Unacceptable Behavior policy.” This witch is nothing more than a media whore who would stand up on her head to get in the spot light.

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  2. How many INCHES did she cut off her nose?
    Mohammed cartoons are “free speech” but draw a cartoon of a big SCHNOZZOLA on a BANKER and you are an antisemitic HATER.
    Jesus in a jar of urine is “free speech” but draw a cartoon of Jews relaxing in those German HEALTH SPAS and you are an antisemitic HATER.
    And since when do Jews defend free speech? — Try asking questions about the holocaust.
    Pam Geller’s N.Y. Times profile reveals her enormous wealth including a $4-million divorce settlement, a $5-million life insurance on the death of her ex-husband, Michael Oshry (her married name was Pamela G. Oshry), and a portion of the $2-million sale of the Hewlett Harbor home she jointly owned with Oshry. All of which allows her to live in luxury on an entire floor of upper Eastside condo.
    What isn’t as well-known, and was whitewashed from her Times profile, is that the basis of her wealth is a criminal enterprise. Michael Oshry, her ex-husband who died of an alleged heart attack in 2008, owned a large Long Island car dealership which operated a scam allowing buyers to purchase cars using fraudulent identities. Such a scam is perfect for organized crime and others seeking to use cars in the commission of felonies. In fact, one such vehicle was used by a former car salesman to murder two New York City police officers. An employee who discovered the scam was murdered execution-style.
    Geller was listed as a co-owner of the dealership though she denied any knowledge of the fraud. However, the head of the local D.A.’s economic crimes unit is quoted as saying that the owners of the dealership knew about, and possibly actively organized the fraud, which implies that either Geller had to know about it or willfully kept herself in the dark:
    Peress said the corruption at Universal “went all the way to the top.”
    So Pam’s denials ring hollow. If the origins of her wealth are based on a criminal enterprise is it any wonder that her political views are equally corrupt?


  3. Why not run similiar ads with pix of Menachem Begin and and cockroaches, dead babies,bombed homes along with actual quotes from TALMuD and Begin “Palestinian cockroaches….” and “all goyim cattle are meant to serve jews” etc etc- quote THEIR EXACT WORDS. Ugly Mutt Geller would be whooping ‘hate speech’ and antisemite.
    WHY dont the Muslims ever fight back on the enemy’s terms and use their own tactics against them?
    We have created this monster by enabling it, permitting and acquiescing and never fighting back. WAKE UP before you’re WIPED OUT, sheeple


  4. fb entered a discussion of that Israeli woman who threatened to kill all Palestiniams, when a friend of
    Pierce’s frought up the word “nigger”. I told her that I used the word Uncle Tom to say, refer to Clarence Thomas, but that SHE had brought up “nigger” as a false equivalence. I then asked her,”If I referred to Hitler as an “anal saidst” whould you think that was insulting to gays?” I even specifically said that she has no concept of analogical and metaphorical use. She tried to call it “sexist” that I had called the Israeli politician Shaked a “zombie bitch”…to which I replied that is a mismeasurement of the inarticulable MADNESS of these genocidal positions, and actually a euphmeism to call a bitch a bitch. They have now blocked me and threatened me, …AFTER…taking down the comments…then PUTTING THE BACK, after I informed Pierce by pm of the gist of it. i called Zukerburg a Nazi and said he would have his reckoning one day in Court. They posted the comment about Hitler and the false equivalence I referred to above, and said THAT …was the reason they banned me for a day: a fake feminist making “sexist” claims …about characterizing HITLER,…after SHE baited the discussion with “nigger”. I also told her she was unaware that blacks warn people against “nigger cops” and that she had brought up the term.


    • You know how much I hate Facebook. I rarely if ever delete or reject a comment. I publish everything even if I don’t agree with it or find it highly objectionable.I will not tolerate smut however.


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