What a Joke: people vote to replace Andrew Jackson with Harriet Tubman on the $20 bill


On Tuesday, over 600,000 votes submitted to a poll on the Women on 20s website were counted, and Harriet Tubman was chosen as the face of the desired new $20 bill. The petition was soon after submitted to Obama.

What a joke. What difference does it make whose mug is on the $20 bill? If Americans only knew half the truth about our fraudulent monetary system and really wanted a face that reflects its true nature on the most commonly used note in their arsenal, Bernie Madoff, Ronald McDonald, or Daffy Duck would be more fitting.

The truth is money is a colossal scam – a ponzi scheme, that acts as a huge siphon of wealth from the bottom 99% up to the top 1.  A huge pyramid from which none but the very few on top will emerge unscathed when it finally comes crashing down. Until people realize this hard truth, we will remain victims and slaves to our own ignorance and naiveté about the true value and purpose of money, nothing but an accounting system that defines and dictates our values.

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