Cuba offers free medical school to Black and Latino Americans


Excellent! Things will never change in this world until people share knowledge freely. But if that practice is widely embraced, the current system will collapse in no time. This is a great start.

A few years ago member of the USA Congressional Black Caucus visited Cuba and noted the small amount number of doctor available in Black and poor areas in American. When Rep. Bennie Thompson said his Mississippi district needed doctors, then President Fidel Castro announced scholarships for youth from under-served communities in the U.S.

People interested in this opportunity should look into contacting the Interrelations Foundation for Community Organization (IFCO)/Pastors for Peace organization. There are currently 146 US students in the program at LASM with full scholarships and they seem to be doing very well.

418 W 145 Street
Harlem, NY 10031 
(212) 926-5757 

According to the article, 47 students have already graduated the program, but only two are currently residents in USA hospitals. Not sure what happened to the rest of the alumni, and whether that speaks to how willing American hospitals are to employ these doctors. But the fact that two made it to residency means the program is honored here in the states.


  1. And that’s about ALL Cuba offers…can offer!

    NOT every Latino or Black wants to be a doctor….in fact, doctors are part of the medical cartel. Quacks forcing everyone to go their way.

    Anyway, Cuba, Communism by any other name. The horrors they committed during the take over of Cuba, every thinking Cuban tried to leave early on. ANd even today, young CUbans, are doing everything they can to escape the island. A few years ago, a young CUbamn woman mailed herself out to the Bahamas, then on to Miami, via a plywood box.

    So don’t tout CUba, as if you KNEW anything about life there.


    • I can’t say that I’ve lived there, but there’s nothing wrong with free higher education – including medical school, law school, and engineering. They had it like that for decades and Egypt (whose degrees are recognized and honored in the US) and no one complained
      about them.


      • They do NOT offer it to their own people! Why offer it to Americans? It is to make them look good in the eyes of Washington


      • I’ve been there and that’s not the only thing they are offering. Students from all over the Caribbean are free to study there too, any career that they want. Saw many Caucasian students in Cuba also studying for free. They make excellent doctors who serve all around the world especially in extremely poor countries. All Cubans receive free University education.

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    • Did you know Cuba gave medicine to the 9/11 Heroes that our own government did not. You see the same medicine that we allow the pharmacies to charges hundreds for here, they have there for under $10 in most cases. Our own government did not ensure that the people who are dying and suffering from horrific lung disease could get these medicines.

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  2. To nona, we west indian find that only those socall white Cubans who Castro get rid of think like you do, know your history before you chat about thing you know nothing about, Cuba been doing this for blacks and spanish in the west and Africa for decades what have America done in that area of schooling…


  3. NOna is a graphic expression of how racist, right wing Cuban Americans in south Florida still thinks, fifty years after been driven out of Cuba with their segregated schools, city squares,beaches, hospitals, neighborhoods and jobs for those they deemed “white”

    Like thousands of others, my schoolmate Savon applied with 5 others from our school in Guantanamo to ITA or International Aviation School which was created by Marta Fernandez, Batista’s second wife in 1953. This school which was supposed to train land crew -mechanics, electricians etc- accepted the other, not Savon. The trick was a square on the upper right hand side that said, affix your picture. Savon went on to join the Revolution and became a MiG-21 and 23 figher jet until his retirement.

    Another example of why these racists are doom and why they hate Cuba so much, is the case of General Arnaldo Tamaanother son of Guantanamo who had to shine shoes around the main square to make a living and later became through the Cuban Air Force, the First Black Man in Outer Space!

    End of story for the NOnas of this world!


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