Cigna CEO makes $104,479 per day

Unjustifiable and Inexcusable. This is what happens when a handful of people control most of the money – they inflate the “value” of whatever and whoever they want, leaving everyone and everything else they don’t care about in the dust.




  1. Of all the sectors, health care is the one which shouldn’t be run by private for-profit corporations. Making life and death decisions with potential profits in mind just isn’t right. Health insurers do nothing for sick or injured people with regard to actual treatment and healing, only making a profit by keeping costs (effective treatment) as low as possible, with patients nothing more than numbers.

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  2. I find it totally disgusting that insurance companies are denying treatments to patients just to pad this guy’s pocket. I’m also a long time member of Physicians for a National Health Plan (PNHP) – since 1988.

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