Leader of Chechnya: Tsarnaev Death Sentence Part of US Intelligence Plot

The leader of the Chechen Republic lashed out at the U.S. Sunday over the jury’s decision to give Dzhokhar Tsarnaev the death penalty for his role in the Boston Marathon bombing. In a post on his Instagram acccount, Ramzan Kadyrov accused U.S. intelligence agencies of using Dzhokhar and his older brother to hide their own involvement in the grisly 2013 attack.

Kadyrov is one of the most powerful figures in Russia, and a close ally of President Vladimir Putin.

Full translation of instagram post below.

Screen Shot 2015-05-18 at 7.46.55 PM

“Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was sentenced to death. This news didn’t surprise anyone. US intelligence agencies, who were accused of involvement in the Boston tragedy, had to find a victim. Tsarnaev was handed to them as a victim. Yes, I support a tough war against terrorism. Anyone engaged in evil activities must be neutralized, However, I do not like when the term “war against terrorism” is used to play a game (to deceive). Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed under very strange circumstances. Todasheva Ibrahim was shot during his interrogation. Only Dzhokar is behind bars. He was rapidly charged under three dozen articles, and the jury unanimously decided the verdict.

The brothers arrived to the US at a young age, they studied well, were engaged in sports, and composed music. The senior brother got married and he had a son. This is the ideal profile for a candidate to government positions. So who made ​​them terrorists? Who taught them so skillfully to prepare bombs, plan the attack and avoid exposure? Who tried so hard to ignore this preparation? If they actually did that attack, I don’t believe the US special intelligence services didn’t know about it.

If the US and Europe really want to fight against terrorism, why are they multiplying the number terrorists in the Middle East? Why does Movladi Udugov, who calls for terror, live happily ever after. Why did they hug (support) Akhmed Zakayev and Ahmad Umarov, responsible for the December 4 attacks in Grozny? For the United States, Britain and other countries, these people are heroes. Yes, I admit that it is fashionable to play along with the United States, but I am not used to it and I won’t get used to it in the future. Who can guarantee that after sending Tsarnaev to death, he won’t be found innocent? This often happens in the United States. He was nine years old when he arrived at the United States, and the America he trusted now made ​​him a terrorist. Kadyrov # # Russian # Chechnya #USA #Boston # Tcarnaev #Tsarnaev”

All sounds very fishy to me. But certainly convenient that all those implicated in this bombing will soon be dead.


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