‘The most amount of land with the least amount of Palestinians’—this is the summary of Zionism.


Racist laws for a racist land.

[I]n Israel there are 50 racist laws, I’m talking about the Israeli legal system, not the occupation, [not] Hamas… this is the test of democracy. So let’s for once talk about Israel itself.” The fifty racist laws are “apartheid laws which create two different systems toward two ethnicities/nationalities inside Israel, one for Jews, one for Palestinians.”:

There is an Israeli law which prevents me from living in 700 communities which are built, of course, on my land. By law, [this means] I cannot live in over 60 percent of the land of Israel. It is a law that was not passed in 1948, or the 1950s or 60s when Israel felt weak and needed to control everything; this is a new law… it was passed in 2011! Of course the law doesn’t mention Palestinians; the law mentions that the [community’s] Acceptance Committee can reject anyone without the ability for me to appeal to the court. Before this law, I could appeal to the court. But now I can’t appeal and can be rejected—why? Because there is no social or cultural compatibility. Under social compatibility, we as Palestinians are rejected… What is this if not apartheid? Can you imagine the U.S. having a law like this for African Americans; an Acceptance Committee law regarding social ethnic groups that make up 20 percent of society? Can you imagine in Europe if a law were passed against Jews or another group?

Al Zoubi emphasized that “land is still the most conflicted issue between us and the state. Judaizing the land at the expense of the Palestinians, the slogan ‘the most amount of land with the least amount of Palestinians’—this is the summary of Zionism.” Thus the government plans to expel 30,000 (or more) Palestinian Bedouin who live in “unrecognized villages” in the Negev—half of Palestine. “You can build for Jews anywhere you want, but within these 12 million dunams [three million acres] they want to evacuate [Palestinians] and gather them in a small area to control the land.”

Sometimes I wonder why Israelis even bother to allow any Palestinians in their state. I mean obviously they have no qualms about killing as many of them as possible. It would be a whole lot easier to maintain a Jewish state if you simply had zero Palestinians. So, why do they do it? Why do Israelis permit Palestinians to remain in Israel? The answer is simple, though not palatable.

First, outright ethnic cleansing from Israel “proper” would be very difficult if not impossible to justify globally and would cement the world’s impression of Israel as a brutally racist apartheid gang. Second, like any other narcissist, Israelis want power and control. Therefore, they need Palestinians to push around, exploit, and generally oppress. How else can they exercise their power and demonstrate their superiority? They gotta have a population over which they can dominate.

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