Death by “ism”


Too many people get caught up in the false dichotomies between ‘isms,’

Capitalism, communism, socialism, liberalism, conservatism, Islamism – you name it, there’s an ‘ism.’

The trouble is, it’s all lies.

The things that really matter and that are destroying our lives and our planet are very simple concepts that everyone can agree are poison. Greed, selfishness, corruption and lies.

Democracy, theocracy, monarchy, you name it. I don’t care what system you have in place, add these four to the mix and they will always end up destroying it.

It’s that simple.

So, before you find yourself arguing for hours on end with someone about isms, scratching your head and wondering why, take a few minutes to find out where they stand on the big four poisons.

You might discover you have a lot more in common than your isms permit. Or you might learn exactly what’s wrong with this person’s paradigm.

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  1. The point made offers practical advice with regard to oftentimes overly-analytical efforts to resolve situations that become problematic and result in negative consequences for people. It’s probably more constructive to refrain from divisive political labels, stating the obvious without unnecessary, tangential complexity, and limiting discourse to the heart of matters.

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